War Machine (Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head)

September 16, 2013 | By More


warmachine_bh_frontI’ll say it. I prefer the War Machine armor over the Iron Man armor. No, I’m not saying war is the solution to things. I just think it makes more sense.

Of course, it’s hard to be warlike when you are stylized as a bobble head. Fan’s of Funko will not be surprised by his looks. Two big eyes on a giant head. It’s cuter than it sounds. (See pictures.)

I love the head on this guy. For the most part, I think the non-human Pops look just a tad better. As always the paint is well done and crisp. The silver has a bit of metallic sheen to it that doesn’t come across well in the pictures.

My only complaint with the head, and maybe the whole figure, is the mouth doesn’t come across the best. If you are looking down at him, you can’t really see the mouth at all. I know part of that is the armor design and part is the style. It’s not a major complaint, and really doesn’t bother me. It’s like how Dilbert doesn’t have a mouth to me.

The body is covered in little panels and armored plates. He’s fairly chunky. But he pulls off the armored look in a very cute way. He’s predominantly black with accents of silver. There is small outline of red around the arc reactor. It might have been nice to the arc light in a different color, but it works.

warmachine_bh_backThe cool thing that makes this War Machine is the over the shoulder cannon. Unlike the Iron Man Assemblers version, the cannon is correctly flat here.


I can’t complain. I’m really starting to dig all the different Pop! Vinyl lines. Being War Machine is one of my favorites from the Marvel Movie Universe, I couldn’t really pass him up could I?

Engineernerd Score: 98/100





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