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You may have noticed a grave in the background of my Merle Dixon review. I’m always looking for cool things to put in pictures just to keep them interesting, and as you probably know, I love action figure accessories.

The grave is one of three accessories I picked up from Kaiju Kaos / Acheson Creations at Coil Con a while back. I also picked up a stump and small wall section.

Now, understand, these are gaming miniatures. I just though I could use them. There are a ton of different ones available at reasonable prices. All of them are unfinished and cast in a grey plastic.

The grave probably looks the best with Minimate size figures. There were a couple of different styles of graves available at the show. I picked this one because it looked a bit makeshift but generic enough it could fit with a number of things. The rocks look good and there’s texture on the marker. A little wash and you would have the perfect resting place for your Gwen Stacy Minimate.



The wall is fairly short. Maybe even a tad shorter than I expected. In 3.75″ terms it would probably be a low garden wall. The sculpt is good. Individual rocks like this are tedious to create. There are flat stones on the top to give it a  finished off look. My thought was a place to sit or a kneel behind. It’s a tad shorter than what I would have liked for a sniper.

I believe they had other section of wall with corners and stuff. Everything I saw looked modular and as well done as this piece. At some point, it will get a wash, I just haven’t got there yet.





In terms of the game, this tree must have been huge. I really got this to use as a Duck Dynasty display piece, but there are plenty of stumps in fantasy and other properties. Again, the sculpting here is good. The unfinished nature here hides a bit of it, but there’s a lot of texture in this piece. Out of all of them, this one is my favorite, so expect it to show up in pictures from time to time.


I bought these intending to use them for photos and displays. I kind of randomly picked out a few things to see how they would work. I’m really glad I did. I ended up with some really well detailed little pieces that I’m really happy with. So happy, I can see myself specifically picking up some more for displays as the need arises.

Engineernerd Score: 98/100


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