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One thing I did not know was that Hulk used to be gray back in his first comic book appearance, but apparently this caused problems in the printing process, so he had to be changed to green. Years later, Hulk became gray again, during Keith David’s run as writer in the book.


Gray Hulk (10)At this time, it was established that Bruce Banner had fairly deep psychological issues way before becoming the Hulk, and that his gray Hulk persona was a manifestation of a split personality disorder.


The gray Hulk was also known as a Mr. Joe Fixit, a mob enforcer operating in Las Vegas. In this incarnation, the gray Hulk was much more cunning than the green, savage version of himself, even though he was not as strong.


Now, Hasbro did make a figure of the Gray Hulk early in the Marvel Universe line, only, I never really liked the original mold, because even if I could get past the horrid articulation design, the head sculpt was appallingly bad.


Gray Hulk (4)However, they did come up with a much superior Hulk back in Series 4, so I knew it was only matter of time before they revisited the multicolored Hulks using the newer body sculpt.


This Gray Hulk was released as part of Marvel Universe Series 5, and it is every bit as good as the green version. The sculpt and articulation remains identical, so I won’t bore you by repeating how gorgeously detailed or versatile this figure is, but if you need a detailed appraisal of what this mold provides, feel free to revisit the older figure’s review here..
Gray Hulk PHCThe key difference is the coloring, of course, and unfortunately, the color scheme is nowhere near as striking as the classic green/purple palette, even though the actual paintjob is really excellent.


Although the painting techniques applied to this Hulk are largely the same, there is one significant difference, and it is that Gray Hulk actually got eyebrows. This may not appear to be such a big thing but the end result is a much livelier facial expression.


As one would expect, Hulk comes with no accessories whatsoever, and being a part of the last MU Series also means that he doesn’t even get the tiny cardboard comic shot insert, Hasbro used to include as a little extra.


So, even though Gray Hulk can be dismissed as a simple repaint, I would go so far as to classify him as a really indispensable variation to add to a Marvel Universe collection.

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Errex Score: 99/100

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