Brown Gremlin

June 13, 2014 | By More

 Brown Gremlin

Even though Lenny, in his Gremlin form turned out to be a great figure, I was left with a craving for a more generic creature, and NECA’s Brown Gremlin fits the bill just right.


Brown Gremlin (15)The Brown Gremlin is something of a generic army builder type of figure, and uses the same body mold we got with the Flasher Gremlin in Series 1, only this time we don’t get the soft rubber trench coat and the coloration  is different.


The Gremlin body is sculpted full of textures, most of them representing spikes and scaly bits. The head sculpt is amazing, capturing a mischievously malevolent facial expression further enhanced by a maw full of sharp, pointy teeth and the spiked bony ridges around his eyes.


Articulation is not too abundant, but is very well hidden into the character design, which I find very impressive considering how these creatures are essentially naked. The Brown Gremlin has:



Brown Gremlin (9)

• Barbell mounted head.

• Pegged hinge shoulders.

• Pegged hinge elbows.

• Ball jointed wrists.

• Barbell mounted hips.

• Hinged knees.

• Ball jointed ankles.


Even though the center of mass on the Gremlin makes him a little top-heavy, the joints are stiff enough to provide decent stability, The overall movement range at neck and hips is rather limited, but there is enough room to squeeze some nice poses out of this guy.


Brown Gremlin (6)


The paint job on the figure is really nice. The face, belly and the inner side of arms and legs are painted in a light tan hue with a ruddy brown color selected for the harder, scaly parts.


The eyes are painted neatly in red, yellow and black, which provide a nice contrast with the more organic paint applications on the body. The Brown Gremlin also displays light tan markings outlined with black on his back, which adds a good deal of visual impact.

Brown Gremlin (12)


As far as accessories go, this guy comes with a cigar and a pair of sunglasses. The cigar can be crammed between the teeth quite firmly, but I fear it is the kind of thing that is easily lost if you are not extra careful.



Brown Gremlin (4)

The sunglasses, on the other hand, are fairly big, but not enough so to actually fit the creature’s head. It is possible to have them stay in place thanks to the spiky bits around the eyes, but I fear this will cause the legs to snap if left too long in place. Luckily, the Gremlin can also wear them around his neck.


Although I would have preferred to have this Gremlin in green, the Brown Gremlin is a really nice figure that really captures the essence of the creatures we saw in the movies.

 Brown Gremlin (11)

Errex Score: 94/100

 Brown Gremlin (14)

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