Marvel Vs. DC Hero Bracket – Round 3 Voting Open!

August 28, 2014 | By More


This just keeps getting harder.

For starter, Batman continues to be a powerhouse. Aquaman received no votes against the Dark Knight and was sunk. Also, Thor pound Lobo. And Wonder Woman won all of the votes against Elektra.

The one that surprised me was Nightcrawler defeating Punisher. It was a bit even than Nightcrawler pulled ahead.

In Round 3, it’s not going to get easier. A number of fan favorites going up against each other, and some folk probably aren’t going to be be happy after the voting is done.

A couple of notable matchups here. Wolverine is taking on Rogue. Green Arrow is battling Thor. And there is a cosmic battle going between Silver Surfer and Green Lantern.

Get your votes in now, or you can’t complain about the results!

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