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Captain America MS (6)



One character I remember rather fondly from my Mego days is Captain America. When the Captain America: The First Avenger movie came out, I was rather excited for the opportunity to get an updated version of his costume, but for whatever reason I was unable to really sink my teeth into that line.


Captain America MS (4)With The Avengers, we actually got to see a modern version of his uniform, but the 4-inch rendition fell rather short and was not movie accurate, as I suspect the design had not been finalized at the moment figures went into production.


Enter the Movie Series Captain America. Like the rest of the Avengers Movie Series figures, he was manufactured in the 6-inch scale range. This version of Cap is much more interesting to look at, since there is enough space to show off sculpted textures and costume details that simply get lost on the smaller figure.


The uniform is very detailed and the overall body proportions are suitably heroic. The head sculpt is good, if a bit generic. I hear there is a variant figure with the unmasked Chris Evans head, but I think this is a good enough rendition of the character.


Articulation is good and reasonably well blended into the character design. It incorporates most of the modern articulation points Hasbro usually gives these figures, such as:


Captain America MS (8)• Hinged peg neck

• Pegged hinge shoulders.

• Upper biceps swivel.

• Double hinged elbows.

• Swivel forearms.

• Floating torso

• Pegged hinge hips.

• Upper thigh swivels.

• Double hinged knees.

• Pegged hinge ankles.

• Rocker feet.


Even though the plastic selected is rather flexible, all of the joints feel reasonably tight and can hold any pose without much trouble.


Captain America MS (11)The figure was molded entirely in blue and red plastic, therefore only the face, abdomen and very small areas on torso and limbs are actually painted.


The paintjob on my figure was very neat, but that’s because I took the time to select one to my liking from a wall full of figures. On most samples, there were small paint blemishes either on the red or white sections, but none of these were major deal breakers.


If anything, I would say that the coloration of the plastics selected are a little too bright, compared to the appearance Captain America had in the movie, but overall I am quite pleased with the end result.


Captain America comes with his trusty shield. It is the round version, with the star and concentric circles engraved on the front. The shield appears to have been molded in red plastic, with the blue and silver decoration painted in.


On the inside, the shield has a couple brown rubber straps glued to it. These straps are long enough to allow Cap to carry his shield on his back but can be also be adjusted to secure the shield to his forearm,


Captain America MS (5)This leaves a good deal of strap hanging down, but the excess material can be tucked in between shield and forearm if you don’t want to see them hanging.


Other than the shield, Cap also has one of those bluish gray plastic bases that resemble interlocking hexagons, with three foot pegs and the Avengers crest painted onto the central panel.


One thing the cinematic Marvel Universe has established is that Captain America is not averse to use weaponry, so it comes as something of a disappointment that Hasbro had not included at least a pistol or even a chitauri weapon with this figure. I guess Cap will have to borrow one from Hit Monkey in the meantime, but other than that, this turned out to be a pretty nifty action figure.

 Captain America MS

Errex Score: 92/100

 Captain America MS (13)

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