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Electro (12)It has become a fairly common practice for Hasbro to not include movie-accurate designs in the first wave of action figures produced to go along with these summer blockbusters, although, for the second The Amazing Spider-Man movie we got the villainous Electro in the Marvel Legends Infinite Series using his movie attire right from the start.


This version of Electro is wildly different from his comic-book roots, as he was given a spiffy-looking black bodysuit with a lot of extra details sculpted on, although I would be hard pressed to tell if these sculpted bits are actually screen accurate or not.


The overall look is plausible enough to pass for some sort of futuristic, sci-fi containment suit, but also both of the included head sculptures are rather generic and bear no real resemblance to actor Jamie Foxx.


The reason this figure comes with two heads is because one of them has sculpted energy emissions flaring through Electro’s eyes and the other one does not, although both sculpts have the same non-expression on them.

Electrro also comes with a pair of hands sculpted with electric tendrils arcing from the fingertips in addition to a pair of punchy hands.


Electro (5)Articulation is quite extensive and blends into the character design very well, consisting of:


• Hinged peg neck.

• Pegged hinge shoulders.

• Upper biceps swivel.

• Double hinged elbows.

• Pegged hinge wrists.

• Hinged torso.

• Swivel waist.

• Pegged hinge hips.

• Upper thigh swivels.

• Double hinged knees.

• Pegged hinge ankles.

• Rocker feet.


This time around the character design does limit the movement range on a couple of articulation points, namely the shoulders and the ankles.


The shoulders have these protruding studs sculpted on them that negate lateral extensions, while the pant cuffs are way too restrictive to fully take advantage of the ankle articulation.


Electro (3)The paintjob on Electro is very simple, as most of the figure was molded out in black plastic, with only the heads and one set of hands molded from translucent, sparkly blue plastic.


The body suit has these airbrushed blue patches meant to simulate light emanating from the characters exposed skin, but in practice the effect is more suggestive of frost than electricity.


Both Electro heads also display some neat paint applications for the eyes and a black headpiece over his right ear.


In addition to his own extra pieces, Electro comes two pieces to build the bonus Ultimate Goblin figure. These pieces are the left arm and a translucent orange flame attachment for it.


I’m afraid the movie did nothing to boost the character’s popularity but nonetheless, this version of Electro is still a pretty decent action figure on it’s own merits.   Electro (10)

Errex Score: 80/100

Electro PHC

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