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Beetle (7)Beetle   would probably be one of the most striking characters included in the Marvel Legends Infinite Series by Hasbro.


The interesting part is that this isn’t even a comic-inspired rendition of the character because the actual design was taken from one of the Spider-Man videogames released a couple of years back.


Beetle has a very distinctive design, and as such, the sculpture is completely new. The overall aesthetic reminds me a lot of shows like Kamen Rider, as Beetle wears some sort of winged cybernetic body-suit topped with a bug-like mask.


The suit is very detailed with panel lines and textures that seem to owe a lot to the Iron Man armor designs. The suit design hides very well the articulation, which consists of:


Beetle (4)• Pegged hinge neck-

• Pegged hinge shoulders.

• Upper biceps swivels.

• Double hinged elbows.

• Pegged hinge wrists.

• Hinged torso.

• Swivel waist.

• Pegged hinge hips.

• Upper thigh swivels.

• Double hinged knees.

• Pegged hinge ankles.

• Rocker feet.


Beetle (5)Articulation on this figure is excellent, and coupled with the unusual feet design, it allows Beetle a lot more stability than I could have hoped for.


The color scheme on Beetle is very garish, which I find works well for villains. The more conspicuous part is the green gradient applied to the inner surface of the wings, but once you get past that, you’ll notice that the coverage of the silver paint applied to the armor plates is fairly uneven and has coverage issues at the deeper recesses of the sculpture.


Beetle’s wings are removable, but I hesitate to count them as an accessory. The figure also ships with yet another piece to build the Ultimate Goblin bonus character although, since Beetle and Boomerang share the same “Fiercest Foes” spot in this assortment, the BAF piece is the same left leg.


I must say that I actually liked this Beetle figure a lot more than I expected, despite the slight paint problems. Articulation is great and even though the cherry red plastic used to make this figure has a weird sheen to it, I think it adds to the look of this particular foe of Spider-Man.

Beetle (8)

Errex Score: 89/100

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