Jon Snow (Mystery Mini)

August 21, 2015 | By More


jonsnowtitan_frontPoor Jon Snow. I always figured he was destined for bigger things. He’s definitely a fan loved character. Following his uncle into the service he goes to serve as a “Watcher on the Wall.”

Funko too the Game of Thrones license and ran with it. Legacy 6″ figures, Pop! Vinyls and Mystery Minis. I don’t get a bunch but I can get hooked on blind box vinyl, and these hit a sweet spot for me price-wise.

I was thinking of Scott’s recent review of the Batman Dorbz on the Action Figure Blues Podcast and was reminded of the styling here. The large round head with almost animation paint reminds me again here of Powerpuff Girls.

That said, I dig the style on him. This is Jon after he has “Taken the Black” and is up on the Wall. The eyes really sell the brooding look of the Stark bastard.

Other than the really crisp face paint, the majority of the figure is black. The hair is molded in black and wavy. If anything it’s a little too short in the back, but I can’t remember how short it was early on.

Mjonsnowtitan_backuch like a Pop! figure, he only turns at the head. He has his cape with fur to keep him warm. He’s also armed with a his sword with the wolf head pommel. Nice attention to detail there.

When I got this figure originally, I was hoping for an Arya to go with my Hound Pop! figure. I’m happy I having him now. Grumpy, brooding Snow is staring at me I type away or play some sort of game. These figures really are fun, recognizable version of the character that won’t break your wallet.

Engineernerd Score: 90/100





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  1. Errex says:

    Nice figure. It is quite surprising to see that this guy is much more expressive tha the 6-inch one. I might have to look around for these Mistery Minis.

  2. Engineernerd says:

    There’s a few more of these reviews to come!