UNSC Wombat Recon Drone

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UNSC Wombat (4)


Today I’ll be reviewing yet another of the smaller sets released by Mega Bloks in their Halo line, set# 97451, the UNSC Wombat Recon Drone.


The Rookie (2)This set is specifically inspired by the game Halo3: ODST, and consists in 89 pieces, including those to build the included minifigure.


One thing that noticeably changed once Mattel acquired Mega Bloks, was that they now openly name the characters in their sets as characters in the game that inspired them, so this Wombat Drone comes with none other than the ODST Rookie that starred in the aforementioned game.


The minifigure uses the new articulation design, consisting of:


The Rookie (7)• Ball jointed head.

• Pegged hinge shoulders.

• Pegged hinge elbows.

• Swivel wrists.

• Swivel waist.

• Ball jointed, T-Bar hips.

• Hinged knees.


The RookieWhich is a pretty impressive amount of articulation for such small figures. As usual, the Rookie comes equipped with removable pieces of armor for the chest, shoulders and thighs, but none of these pieces really obstructs articulation in a significant way.


The level of sculpted detail on the ODST figure is nice and easy to spot despite the minimal paint applications. Other than the armor pieces, the Rookie comes armed with a suppressed SMG and what appears to be a handheld device to locate/control the Wombat Drone.


The Wombat itself turned out to be a nice little build. The thing is built mostly out of standard pieces, but also includes some uncommon construction elements as fins and turbine intakes. The pieces forming the upper hull are printed with a silver pattern that really enhances the appearance of the unmanned vehicle.

UNSC Wombat

To round up the look, some translucent red elements are added for the interior of the thrusters and the radar sensor on the belly of the wombat, as well as a number of clear pieces to act as a base for the Drone.

UNSC Wombat (3)

While I wish the Rookie minifigure had a shading wash applied to it, similar to that on the individual capsule ODST Troops, the whole set is decidedly nice to look at and fun to build.


UNSC Wombat (2)

Errex Score: 87/100

The Rookie (4)

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