Shaggydog (GoT Mystery Mini)

January 22, 2016 | By More


smoke_frontI have became hopelessly addicted to Game of Thrones Mystery Minis from Funko. Blind boxes normally aren’t my thing, but this one really grabbed hold. Today, I’m looking at Shaggydog.

Who is Shaggydog you say? Shaggydog is Rickon Stark’s direwolf. The youngest of the Stark clan named his black canine, so it shouldn’t surprise us his name is Shaggydog. Honestly, if you look at the pictures, I really thought his name was Smoke. Of all of the direwolves, two were distinctive in their colors, Shaggydog in all black and Ghost in all white.

I have to say I was surprised how stylized this figure is. It really evokes something like a primitive dog totem to me. Something maybe northern European. That said, I think it fits well for a Stark pet.

smoke_sideI was also surprised by the little details in the fur painted on. Funko probably could have got away with just painting the eyes, but here they added more. The fur marks are clean but really add depth to the character.

If you know me, you know I’m a dog lover. So it will be no surprise, Shaggydog is one of my favorite’s of series 1. While I have I got multiple Jon Snow figures in the blind box frenzy, I can tell you all of the dog ones will be keepers for me.

Engineernerd Score 95/100


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