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Okay. I’ve never played the game Five Nights at Freddy’s. Sorry. I will one of these days. I’ve watched a couple of videos, and well, it kinda creeps me out. If you are like me and haven’t played it, it’s a horror survival game of sorts. You are a security guard at a knock off Chuck-E-Cheese. At night though, the animatronics get up and walk around the place. Oh and if they find you, they will try and stuff you in an animatronic suit that you won’t fit in and live.

Needless to say, I wasn’t surprised to see Funko Mystery Mini blind boxes of the FNAF characters. They are somewhat cute but scary animals. Seems like it could be their thing. I was surprised to find them at Wal-Mart as an exclusive. In the toy section even. This is Wal-mart that only sells radio clean versions of Eminem CD’s. Let’s put the blind boxes of animals that sole purpose in their game is to kill you where children will want them. I guess they sell their Walking Dead stuff in the Lego aisle, but still.


So, for my blind box pull I got Foxy. I had no idea who Foxy was. So I looked him up. He’s a pirate fox. Actually, I looked up to find his name. I did learn in the game Foxy has the sharpest teeth.

Well, I had kind of guessed he was a pirate. He has an eye patch and a hook hand. The eye patch is a little odd. The cord starts below his right ear and ends at the bridge of his nose. Looking at game reference, this is correct. He also is show sometimes with the patch flipped up.


The head is fairly well done. Everything is painted cleanly. I really like they included the detail of the armature showing between his head and ears being painted silver. .

While the face is fairly cute, the rest of the body is a little more the worst for wear. In the game, the characters are not at 100% upkeep for sure. Foxy has holes in his chest to show the exoskeleton showing through. His left arm is missing it’s sleeve from the elbow down. Also, the right elbow is showing as well. The dark silver used looks metallic enough for what it is being used for.

The knees are black to show them as joints. I kind of wonder whey they aren’t silver.


Up close, you can tell this figure is a quite a number of pieces. The legs, arms, body, and shorts are all separate pieces. I’m betting this done to limit some paint ops as well as make others easier.


For a character that I really know nothing about, Foxy is a cool little mini. Cute and terrifying.

Engineernerd Score:85/100


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  1. Errex says:

    Nice figure. The charac ter itself does look as a really cool animal hybrid, but the game it is from is waay creeepier than I’d like.