Jetpack Fighter (Call of Duty)

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Jetpack Fighter


The Jetpack Fighter set (#DLB97) is one of the smaller sets released by Mega Bloks in their Call of Duty 2016 line. This 42-piece set is essentially a small piece of terrain, which acts as a display base for the minifigure included.


Jetpack Fighter (2)The most interesting aspect in this set is that instead of focusing in current, modern military designs, their inspiration seems to come from a handful of years into the future.
The minifigure itself is meant to portray an Atlas Soldier from one of the more recent Call of Duty games, and as such, it is attired in a fairly non-descript white uniform in which you can notice a few unusual sculpture elements that separate it from previous CoD minifigure molds.


Jetpack Fighter (4)The overall feel is very sci-fi, as attested by the strange-looking helmet but also, the Atlas troopers are known to use a form of exo-skeleton that is replicated in the minifigure using pieces molded from flexible and hard plastics. This exo-skeleton array does not impede the articulation at all and the flexible plastic pieces feel durable enough to hold on well over time.

The jetpack accessory has a couple of rotating turbines with a couple of small, clear blue colored pieces to simulate the thrust from the exhausts. To attach the figure to the clear plastic rod provided to simulate flight, you have to use the minifigure’s own foot pegs, as there is no other connection point in the backpack, which limits somewhat the display options.


Jetpack Fighter (5)Discounting the jetpack and the exo-skeleton, other accessories included are a modular rifle of futuristic design, a utility vest, a grenade and a small pouch; these last two can be affixed to the hard points on the vest.


As usual, there is almost no paint involved in this set, other than the copper-colored faceplate on the helmet. The figure was molded from a white plastic that has speckles mixed in.


Overall, I am quite satisfied with this Jetpack Fighter set. While the terrain piece itself is really not all that interesting to look at, the futuristic trooper minifigure makes for a worthy purchase.


Jetpack Fighter (6)

Errex Score: 79/100

Jetpack Fighter (3)

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