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The Marvel Super Hero Mashers line has to be one of the weirdest concepts Hasbro has put out there in quite a while. The idea of mixing and matching pieces from several of the more iconic Marvel superheroes to form a hybrid is one that at first sight may appeal mostly to the youngest of children.


Deadpool MasherThat said, it struck me as supremely odd that one of the characters selected for the Masher treatment was none other than Deadpool, a character I would not identify as kid friendly despite the colorful costume.


Of course, I had to buy it.


So, as my first contact with the Masher line, I found Deadpool to have a very stylized design, very reminiscent to that of the G.I. Joe Sigma 6 line, although at a slightly smaller scale.


The overall body design looks fairly generic, and there are a number of 5mm circular ports sculpted all over the figure to attach a number of accessories.


Deadpool Masher (5)Deadpool has the following articulation scheme:


  • Pegged hinge neck.
  • Pegged hinge shoulders.
  • Pegged hinge elbows.
  • Pegged hinge hips.
  • Upper thigh swivels.
  • Pegged hinge knees.
  • Pegged hinge ankles.
  • Rocker feet.


The thing about Mashers is that they are meant to be taken apart easily, therefore most of the pieces can be pulled-off at the joints, with the exception of the shoulders and the ankles, leaving Deadpool in eight separate pieces: Head, torso & upper arms, thighs and lower legs &feet.


Deadpool Masher (3)The articulation feels reasonably sturdy and “clicky”, which makes it easy for Deadpool to hold any pose, but the overall range of movement could be better, all things considered. I think wrist and waist joints would have added a lot of poseability to this figure, but we still get a good number of display options.


The deco on Deadpool is also on the average side of things. The figure was cast in this bright red plastic with the black costume elements painted solid black with touches of white and silver for eyes and belt buckle.


In terms of accessories, Deadpool comes armed with a spring-loaded gun with a missile, three shuriken and a pair of different-length swords. All of these accessories have pegs sculpted on them and can be attached to the circular ports I mentioned earlier.


Also included is a large black arm that looks like it belongs to Venom, no doubt a not too subtle effort to promote sales for additional characters.


While the whole Mix-and-Match play pattern devised for the line is greatly lost on me, the Deadpool Masher turned out to be a fun, nifty novelty item to pick up.


Deadpool Masher (6)

Errex Score: 78/100

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Deadpool Masher (2)

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