First Order Snowtrooper (Value Series)

June 22, 2016 | By More

FO Snowtrooper VS (7)


Following up after the Kylo Ren Value Series figure, I got the First Order Snowtrooper from the same collection.


FO Snowtrooper VS (3)The First Order Snowtrooper seems to be made using the exact same digital files used for the 3.75-inch version, with some tweaks done to fit in the even more reduced articulation scheme where the lower part of the body is a two-piece shell with no leg artculation.


The Snowtrooper is standing with the legs wide apart but the overall pose is fairly neutral with arms hanging extended at the sides.


Similar to Kylo Ren, the Snowtrooper has swivel shoulders and a swivel waist joint, but this time around the head can actually swivel around freely.


FO Snowtrooper VS (8)While the sculpting on this First Order Snowtrooper is quite nice, the paint job is actually something of a let down, as some of the paint operations present in the small-scale version are simply missing from the Value Series one.


As far as accessories, only the backpack is a separate piece, while the weapon is actually molded onto the right arm of this figure.


As expressed in my previous review, these figures are extremely inexpensive but I think they offer as good value as any Happy Meal toy, without the aggravation of actually having to eat at a fast food joint.


FO Snowtrooper VS (6)Overall, I am pleased with this Snowtrooper figure. The figure has really good balance and other than the missing cipher on his chest plate, I don’t really miss the other markings on the armor that much.


FO Snowtrooper VS

Errex Score: 80/100

FO Snowtrooper VS (5)

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