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Greedo Masher (8)

Greedo Masher (5)Hasbro started production of Star Wars Mashers action figures shortly after the Marvel ones came out and even though the Deadpool Masher figure helped me to overcome my initial revulsion towards this whole concept, I was not too keen on buying any more until they came up with the subject of today’s review, the Greedo Masher action figure.


Greedo’s sculpture is very stylized and angular, and doesn’t have a lot of detail although the body proportions match those on the Marvel characters.


There are several 5-mm round ports sculpted onto the body at different places to attach accessories, which I think detract a little from the overall appearance although I realize the emphasis of this line is in play value rather than looks.


However, the Greedo Masher is not quite as articulated as I expected, because as it turns out, the Star Wars Mashers line features a slightly modified joint spread, consisting of:


Greedo Masher (6)• Peg & hinge neck.

• Swivel shoulders.

• Peg & hinge elbows

• Peg & hinge hips.

• Upper thigh swivels.

• Peg & hinge knees.


The lack of ankle articulation doesn’t bother me too much, but I find the simple swiveI joints at the shoulders to be really annoying. Greedo can still achieve a good number of poses but not quite as many as most Marvel Masher characters.


Greedo Masher (7)Of course, limbs and head can be pulled off with relative ease and are fully compatible with those from any other Masher character, which I find surprisingly fun to do with the Star Wars figures.


Greedo is nicely decorated, although the actual paint applications are kept to a minimum. Most of the toy is molded in light, pea-green plastic with light yellow lines painted along the limbs, but the really interesting aspect is that the torso seems to have been molded in two colors of plastic (green and orange) seamlessly joined together.



The only accessory included is a really large blaster pistol. While I cannot say I like the blast effect glued onto the nozzle of the gun, this is the least of its problems because this weapon is way too large and doesn’t really work all that well with the connecting ports on Greedo.

Greedo Masher (10)

There is no denying that the Greedo Masher has some issues, but I like the aesthetics of the line so, I really don’t regret purchasing this figure.

Greedo Masher (2)


Greedo Masher (3)

Errex Score: 77/100

Greedo Masher

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