Nien Nunb (Episode VII)

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Nien Nunb Ep7100
Nien Nunb Ep7100 (6)Following my affinity for Star Wars aliens and droids, I was particularly happy to see Nien Nunb return to the screen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Of course, he was still used in a minor role but it was good to see him still on duty and even better to know Hasbro would make a new action figure of him.


Episode 7 Nien is part of the basic 3.75-inch line, and even though his articulation is almost the same as it was back in 1983 (namely, neck, hips and shoulders), you could see how much toy sculpting has changed over the years.
Nien Nunb Ep7100 (7)Nien Nunb is depicted wearing a flight suit very similar to what he wore in the Kenner days, but this time around the shapes under the uniform look more natural. You can even tell this sullustan gained a few pounds in the years between the Battle of Endor and the Assault on Starkiller Base.


The head is mounted on a ball joint and the face sculpt is good at capturing the look of the new mask used in the film, although the coloring seems a little off to me.
Nien Nunb Ep7100 (4)Even though the articulation is rather limited overall, it works very well with the neutral stance of this figure, and the ball-jointed neck offers a surprising amount of character to the poses Nien Nunb can achieve.


The paint job on my figure is rather simple and for the most part is well applied. I think the skin tone this time is too ruddy next to previous versions of the character, but I would need to see the new film again before venturing a judgment on that.


Nien Nunb comes with a small blaster pistol and also the “bonus” Build-A-Weapon piece. This time the BAW accessory seems to be a backpack-type thingy that deploys into a three-legged construct that would work as the base for the finished weapon.
Nien Nunb Ep7100 (10)I must say that as far as these things go, the BAW accessory is not that bad. As a backpack, it attaches securely to the figure and is balanced well enough to allow Nien Nunb to keep upright while wearing it, and deployed on it’s own it can pass as some type of droid or alternatively, it could be used as a claw mechanism.


In general, I find that the quality of the sculpture on these figures is their best feature, and this version of Nien Nunb is a perfect example.


Nien Nunb Ep7100 (2)

Errex Score: 83/100

Nien Nunb Ep7100 (9)

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