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ReAction Alien (9)I have been keeping an eye on the Funko ReAction 3.75-inch action figure line for a while now. Even though I appreciate the idea of producing those “toys that never were”, it took quite a while for me to decide buying any of their offerings, that is, until I happen to find in person some of their figures from the Alien movie, of which I’ll be reviewing the titular creature today.


This Alien is based off the first movie directed by Ridley Scott and even though the action figure is not quite as detailed as the screen counterpart, it does a pretty good job of capturing the characteristic traits from the H.R. Giger designs.


This Alien is sculpted following the aesthetics prevalent in toys during the late 80’s, giving it a chunky, stolid appearance that works reasonably well with the basic articulation, consisting of:


ReAction Alien (3)• Swivel neck.

• Swivel shoulders.

• Swivel hips.

• Swivel tail.



The head houses an action feature; by removing the translucent dome on top, you can access a sliding lever that extends the inner jaw from the face of the creature. The extending jaw looks more like a wad of bubblegum than anything, but I guess it gives a certain vintage feel to the figure.


ReAction AlienThe Alien is molded mostly in a very dark gray plastic, with the tongue/jaw piece made from white plastic and the smoky clear dome. The only painted bits are the teeth and a series of ovals along both sides of the head. These ovals are supposed to be Glow In The Dark paint, but on my figure they just don’t charge up to actually glow.


This figure comes with no accessories, other than the removable dome piece, which does have a tendency to fall off quite easily if you remove the clear rubber band holding it in place.


Overall, I quite like this Alien action figure. Despite not being as detailed as the NECA Xenomorphs or as versatile as the Takara one, this Funko alien is probably the better toy due to its solid construction.

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Errex Score: 85/100

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