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February 22, 2017 | By More

We really liked Veronica Mars. And well, we liked Walking Dead. So it seemed natural we would give iZombie a shot. Turns out we liked it. There isn’t a lot of merch out there for it, but it’s nice to see things like Pop! Vinyl of the main character Liv Moore. 

If you aren’t familiar, Liv is a zombie pathologist that helps the police solve crimes by eating brains of murder victims giving her their memories. She of course has her own Scooby gang and they all help her. The ending of the second season has me wondering where the writers will take the show next.

I suspect that the limited items that have come out so far are based on promotional photos. The first Diamond Select Figure and this Pop! share the same outfit and accessories. 

When Liv became a zombie her hair turned white. I like there is a little yellow tone to it and not shocking white. The thing that really stands out here is the eyes. I have Floki from Vikings and his eye treatment is no where as good as this. Liv in the first season really had makeup to convey a gaunt appearance, and the paint mimics that to nice effect. I think they backed off a bit as she became more caring about her appearance as the show progressed. This Pop,  however, does a great job at portraying Liv early in that first season.

Her outfit is a lab coat over a hoodie, leggings, skirt combo. When you work in the morgue, you don’t really have to dress “business casual,” so you might as well be comfortable. The paint line where the leggings and socks match is a little soft and the skirt has some white edging. Honestly though, I hadn’t picked up on either until I looked at the pictures. The black laces on the boots are well done, which aren’t even painted on a Diamond Select figure.

Now, Pops don’t get loose accessories, but they do get sculpted attached ones. Here we get a bowl with brains and a bottle of hot sauce. Apparently, hot sauce is the only way zombies in that universe can get anything to taste at all. Both are shown on the show all the time and it makes the character easily identifiable. 


I had asked Mrs. Nerd to order the Diamond Select figure on Amazon for me. (She has the Prime login.) When poking around she saw the Pop and ordered it as well. I’m glad she did. While I’ll get around to reviewing the DST version one of these days, I have to say I think the Pop maybe has a little more of Liv’s personality. I think it really comes back to the eyes, which just may be my favorite on a Pop. 

Engineernerd Score: 95/100


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