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February 1, 2017 | By More

A couple of confessions. I didn’t care for most of the Arkham game designs until I started playing the games. Confession two, while I’m a Batman fan, I’ve never been a big fan of Robin. If he’s written well, he’s okay. Most of the time it seems he’s included just to have him there. To me, he is the Wesley of the Batverse.

Those things said, I really like the character in Arkham City. (It is as far as I’ve played as of this writing.) He turns up a couple of times in the game as an NPC. You get to play as Robin, though, in a good portion of Harley’s Revenge DLC. You also get some fighting practice as him in the Riddler bonus material. 

We’ve come a long way from the Robin of my youth. He wears pants. He has a hood and is armored somewhat. All of these changes make sense. The pants thing, well, that was just the right move all around. His colors are also a bit muted compared to the bright yellow target the Boy Wonder used to be. 

For the game, Robin seems to be in his late teens, I would guess. He’s older and more of a physical presence. He’s not as ripped as Batman. Tim like, Dick before him, seems to rely on his athleticism and agility more than brute force. His outfit here compliments that.

Robin has an armored chest, forearms, and shins. This leaves him fairly free to move, well, if Mystery Mini’s could move.

Remember the weird My Little Pony feet on Poison Ivy? Robin has the same design aesthetic. However, because he shin armor, it looks a lot better to me. Maybe it was Ivy’s creepy little toes.

Robin has his hood up and a concerned look on his face. The paint is well done with no slop on the face, mask or eyes. I was impressed there is tiny gold clasp under his chin. The gold ties nicely with his utility belt and the inside of the cape. 

I have to give Funko credit for the number of pieces they make these Mystery Minis in to make painting an easier task. I have to think it takes a bit of extra effort to plan all that out and still get a fairly seamless character. 

One of these is right arm and bo staff. His arms appear to attach at the sleeves. but the staff is glued to his back. This way the silver on the staff doesn’t bleed onto the cape. I’m surprised they haven’t done this with some of the Pops to be honest. 

Robin also gets a nice little printed R on his chest. Does he really need this any more? I suppose the Robin characters have always had a bit of showmanship


While the style used for the Arkham series of Mystery Minis didn’t translate well to Poison Ivy, I think the clothed, armored characters work much better. I’m pretty happy with version of Robin. He looks youthful, but he could still kick ass.

Engineernerd Score: 90/100

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