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March 29, 2017 | By More

Truth be told. I should have wrote this before I opened the One:12 Collective Punisher. I didn’t. I’m sorry for that, because they are the same scale there I want to compare them. Which really isn’t fair since there is a 3x price differential. 

What I do like about this figure is that it is a great opportunity for somebody that doesn’t have a classic comic Punisher into their collection. This is the white glove and

boot Frank that used to terrorize Spider-Man. Okay, he has a few extra bits.


This Punisher has a brown leather shoulder harness and belt. The front ammo pouches on the belt are white to help carry the teeth of the skull motif. The chest rig has a nice wash on the brown parts and several ammo rounds painted in brass. While I could cut this off, I think it fits with my ideals of the character, so I’m leaving it. The grenades on it are pure green, which is a bit of disappointment. They would look better with just a little detail painted on them.

The belt pouches tie in nicely with the skull. I do think they learned some lessons from the 3.75 inch figure and applied them here. The square section with the teeth is only applied to the lower section of the ab crunch and is painted all the way up under the the top of the chest. They then used the top part of the ab crunch joint to form the little ridges on the skull. This makes the skull look right no matter how the ab crunch is positioned. 

We also got multiple heads with this release. Which is nice, because if it was only the headband version, I don’t think I would have picked this up. Both the heads look great, pop on and off easy. The five o’clock shadow is maybe a little heavy, but it is a comic version. I will say after the number of SH Figuarts and the One:12 Collective figure, I’ve really become spoiled by the barbell style of neck. With the exaggerated musculature here, the head has a bit more limited range of motion to the head than I’m used to. 

How much you like this figure is going to come down to your preference of comic or realistic figures. If you prefer comic versions, this is the figure for you. As you guys know, I tend to stick with movie versions of things, and GI Joe figures more based in reality. But, this version of Frank is a nice contrast that I don’t mind adding to my collection. 

Again, the Punisher likes things that go BOOM! So it is no surprise that Frank gets some weapon accessories. He comes with a rocket launcher, a shot gun and machine gun. I really wish they would have just given him holsters and  pistols like the smaller version. And a knife. I’m not sure why, but I always expect Mr. Castle to have a knife. 

I’m pretty sure the rocket launch is a repaint. I have a couple of issues here. First, the hands do not have sculpted trigger fingers, so you can’t quite get the grip right. Second, mine was really warped when I took it out of the package. Yeah, I can probably get it back into shape, but I wish they would have tried harder to preserve this. It does have a nifty peg that allows you to put it on his back. 

Because of the tight grip of his hands, I suspect the M60 machine gun will probably end up with my One:12 Collective figure. Again, I suspect repaint, but it’s super detailed and scaled nicely. The only real issue with it is the fact it has no ammo belt. 

Last up is a shot gun. At first I thought this was a grenade launcher, but it is in fact a Cobray Street Sweeper. It is essentaily a pump shot gun with a drum magazine and folding stock. Which would be fine, except it seems under scaled to me. Add the fact it is painted white and and yellow, and you have an accessory I probably won’t use. 

If I try to remain objective and not compare this to my other recent aquistion, I have to say this would be a great add to my collection. Sure there are small things I don’t like, but they managed to really get a classic comic version of the character out there. Considering this a semi mass market release, there’s plenty of bang for the buck here. 

Engineernerd Score: 90/100


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