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In the first series of action figures from Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line there were some characters that did not turn out all that well, in my opinion. I absolutely hated the early Hulks, and the chubby Spider-Man was also an easy pass for me.


Punisher (7)

Some other characters would have been harder to resist, but Hasbro Distribution being what it was, I could never find a Daredevil or a Punisher in the wild.


However, as part of the Series 4, Hasbro included yet another version of The Punisher, and this time around they pulled all the stops to give us a really nice version of Frank Castle.


The updated Punisher is built using the new male medium body we’ve gotten in characters like Blue Team Cyclops, Mysterio and Classic Captain America. The Punisher’s head sculpt is new and it is a good representation of the character as I remember him from the comics I used to read back in the 90’s.


The rest of his costume is completed by the addition of a few rubber accessories, namely a belt sculpted with tall magazine pouches simulating the skull’s front teeth. a pair of holsters and a knife sheath accessory for his left calf.


Although these pieces are not glued in place, they seem to have been put into place at the moment of assembling the figure, and intended to be removed. This, of course, has some impact on the Punisher’s articulation, which consists of:


Punisher (9)• Hinged peg neck.

• Pegged hinge shoulders.

• Upper biceps swivel.

• Hinged elbows.

• Swivel wrists.

• Barbell mounted torso.

• Swivel waist.

• Ball jointed hips.

• Upper thigh swivels.

• Double hinged knees.

• Upper calf swivels.

• Pegged hinge ankles.

• Rocker feet.


Punisher (5)

It is mostly the hip joints which have their range of movement reduced somewhat by the rubber straps on the Punisher’s thighs, although they still get a decent amount of articulation.


The Punisher’s suit is molded out of black and white plastics, with a flesh colored head. The skull on the torso and the glove cuffs were neatly applied over the black plastic. All the white plastic parts, as well as the painted costume areas, received a fairly heavy shading wash applied with a blueish gray paint.


The end result is fairly sloppy if inspected up-close, but at arm’s length it actually looks quite effective. The paintjob on the head is neatly applied and is a good representation of how the Punisher looked in the comics.


Punisher (8)The Punisher is one of those characters that needs to come with a fair amount of gear and this time around Hasbro armed him with a pair of automatic pistols, a submachine gun and a combat knife. All these weapons are made from pliable black plastic, but the pistols and the knife have silver deco applications on them.


Unfortunately, the Punisher’s hands are generic superhero hands, and not expressly designed to grip the guns. I mean, he can hold them, but since the index fingers are not separate from the rest, he can’t grab the weapons as naturally as I would have liked.



Other than that, I actually liked this rendition of the Punisher. I may still supplement his arsenal with a few spare weapons I have lying around but I for one am happy to see Hasbro finally doing justice to this character.

Punisher (6)


Errex Score: 86/100

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