This site is dedicated to toys related to TV and films. Will every TV & Film Toy be found here? No. This is what we collect. We’re here to showcase what we enjoy, not to be the definitive source for all of your toy news. There are plenty of other sites that do that way better than we ever could. Every once in awhile, we might slip in a comic figure or a hockey bobble head. But, hey, it’s our site and not a hard fast rule. The main thing is that it entertains.



I have been collecting toys for a long time. I was six when Star Wars came out and that probably had the biggest influence on my toy buying. (BTW, my first two Star Wars figures were Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper.) My collection is mainly Star Wars, but there are some other things as well. I have a good number of the World of Springfield figures, For example. I collect what I like. I’m not a MOC person. As one company’s tagline said, “Play with it!”

On the non-toy side of my life, I’m an engineer. You probably guessed that from name, though. I’m a bit of science geek, and I’m as passionate about the field of engineering as I am about toys.

I’m married to an extremely talented, beautiful, and funny woman. She has the patience of a saint when it comes to my toy collecting. (Thanks, sweetie!) She proof reads most of my comic strips for me. The funniest things in them come from her.

We share a house in the midwest with two of the smartest dogs in the world. They have us trained right, and we spoil them rotten.


Well, I’ve been collecting toys ever since I got my Kenner Millennium Falcon for Christmas back in 1978, along with 9 loose figures.

Before that, well I had toys, but I never did care for them the same way I cared for my SW stuff, so they tended to wear down to nothing.

Nowadays I consider myself primarily a 1:18 scale figure collector, although I do pick up some other scales as well if I feel they offer something interesting to my display.

Another hobby of mine is miniature modeling. Like the ones you see used for different tabletop war/strategy games. I picked up this hobby in the period of time when Kenner stopped making the SW figures, and it kept me entertained up until 2005, when Revenge of the Sith premiered and the toy bug sank it fangs in me with a vengeance . Although I don’t have the time to pursue modeling any further, it provided me with the basic set of skills (and tools) I now use to restore and repair my collectables.

On another note, I work as an IT professional for an imports firm, which gives me the means to do a fair amount of online research for my collection, provided I’m not explaining somebody why the 250 Gb attachment they want to send by email isn’t moving.



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