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June 24, 2009 | By More

Star Wars®, Star Wars Action Figures®,Boba Fett, Animated Debut, Holiday Special,  Action Figure Review

For most of us around since the Seventies, there are things we regret. More over, there’s evidence in picture form of most of these things. I can think of an Easter picture my mother hasof a knee-high Nerd on an Easter Bunny’s knee wearing a blue blazer with a wide white belt and turtle neck. For George Lucas, it’s the Star Wars Holiday Special. That TV variety show that all the Star Wars fans are both horrified and fascinated with. Bea Arthur, Art Carney and Jefferson Airplane. This “special” plays more as “Star Wars” meets the “Love Boat.”

The one thing that came out of the Holiday Special that Lucas will admit to, is the introduction of Boba Fett. Not Boba Fett as we would know him in Empire, but in an animated short film that is integrated into the rest of the wackiness. The segment was animated by Nelvana, the company that went on to produce the “Droids” and “Ewoks” animated series in the 1980’s. Ironically, with the advent of file sharing and the Internet, the Holiday Special became a little more difficult to ignore. People had interest in some of the characters.

Boba Fett and the dragon thing he rode and the Chewbacca’s Wookie family are popular fodder for fan fiction. In the January 2002 Toyafare, there is a spoof article about the Holiday Special and revealed “lost” figures from it. One of these figures was a Boba Fett with his mount painted in the animated special colors.

Appearance:Star Wars®, Star Wars Action Figures®,Boba Fett, Animated Debut, Holiday Special,  Action Figure Review

Ever since that animated version hit the small screen November 17, 1978, folks have been fascinated with the mysterious bounty hunter.

The animated Fett sported a color scheme that was quite a bit different than what we saw on the big screen in Empire. A yellowish chest plate and light blue helmet. His jumpsuit is a bit lighter that the standard Fett, as well. On first glance, the reminds me of some of the GI Joe desert repaints. The lighter helmet and sandy chest plate and rocket pack just really make me think of this as Desert Storm Boba Fett. That being said. I like it. I don’t know why, but I do. Maybe because the colors are a little more subtle. This scheme would have made more sense on Tatooine, for sure.

The other thing that I like about this color scheme is that it’s almost a transition between Jango and the Empire version of Boba. The all one color helmet looks closer to Jango’s with out the blue accents than Boba’s Empire helmet. Also this figure doesn’t show all the dirt and wear that his outfit showed in Episodes 5 & 6. That always kind of bugged me. More so after seeing Jango in neatly maintained gear. Didn’t Jango teach young Boba to take pride in his gear and uniform? It just seems for the soldier culture he comes from, Boba would have at least fixed the big dent in his helmet.

You’d have to say that the color scheme is close to the animated representation. However, the sculpt is a modern detailed sculpt of Boba Fett colored in the cartoon colors. While he’s a cool figure, I’d have really like to have seen Hasbro go old school with this guy. I’d have been fine if they had done him in an animated style even. I’m not a huge fan of animated figures, but this figure is more about Boba Fett’s first appearance than anything else.

I doubt a casual fan would pick him up just to put in a display. Now, I could see some customizers wanting him to turn into an EU Mandolorian. But, as far as Fett’s go, this one isn’t too bad. I haven’t got all of them to tell you if he’s a repaint or not. I can tell a couple of the things I like about him.

One the way his right gauntlet is sculpted. It’s fuel lines connect back up above the elbow. This is a cool detail and retains most of the articulation. The other thing I really like is his belt and holster. It’s a couple of colorss and has little silver painted buckles on the back. Again, this belt seems like a transition between Jango and Empire Boba. Jango had two holsters and pistols, Empire Boba had none. The belt has some pouches on it, as well. To me it makes sense even if Fett carried a rifle, he’d have a pistol in a holster as well. (See bottom picture.)

Star Wars®, Star Wars Action Figures®,Boba Fett, Animated Debut, Holiday Special,  Action Figure Review

Now, the couple of small things I don’t like. One, I’ve yet to see a Boba where the Wookie Braids look good. This version isn’t any different. I’d almost rather have them not
there at all. Second minor issue. The articulation twist point for the forearm is behind the gauntlet instead of the wrist. This isn’t a big deal, the posability doesn’t seem impaired, I’ve just gotten used to it being at the wrist.


Yes, if you got this far, the figure I’m reviewing is a gold coin Galactic Hunt figure. I almost didn’t open him, but convinced myself when I realized if he hadn’t been a gold coin version, I’d have opened him a heartbeat. I had enough trouble finding this one, let alone a second one. As luck would have it, I found a regular version the next day that I passed on buying.
Star Wars®, Star Wars Action Figures®,Boba Fett, Animated Debut, Holiday Special,  Action Figure Review

The gold coin is decent with Boba and his dragon poking stick on the front and the bounty hunter logo on the reverse. Ironically this Boba Fett is considered Expanded Universe. I’m just shocked that the Holiday Special is being acknowledged as part of the EU.

Ah, back to the dragon poking stick. It’s a little double ended pitch fork. It’s molded in a goldish color with a little bronze paint on the end. The detailing is fairly soft, but since it’s based on an animated version, I don’t really expect more. It reminds me a bit of the thing that the vintage Ree-Yees came with, mainly due to the color.

This Boba Fett comes with a pistol as well. The pistol fits okay in the holster, but the cut in the holster makes it look like it should go down farther than it does.

Lastly, Boba comes with his famous rocket pack. Jango’s went flying out of control and Boba’s sent him straight to the Sarlacc’s mouth. You’d think they would learn. This one is done in the lighter colors. The missile seems like it might be a separate piece, but I wasn’t willing to possibly destroy mine to find out. My one complaint about the pack is that it’s really loose. You also have to make sure the permanently attached cloth cape isn’t in the way or it won’t seat right. But, overall, it’s still loose.

As for articulation, this Boba has all of it you could ask for. I mentioned the wrists above, and other than that I’m good with him.


This is a figure I’ve seen some customs of over the years. I never expected to see an “official” version.
That’s a testament to Boba Fett’s fan popularity. I have to say I like the fact that instead of a straight repaint, Hasbro gave us a figure with a gun and holster as well as the poking stick that he’s famous for in the animated Holiday special clip.

While he’s not something for everyone, this Boba is a pretty cool version of the classic bounty hunter. Now, if they would just make Bea Arthur to tend bar at my Cantina…

Engineernerd Score: 90/100

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Star Wars®, Star Wars Action Figures®,Boba Fett, Animated Debut, Holiday Special,  Action Figure Review

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  1. Saya-Noel says:

    Ha ha what’s interesting is that I have this same action figure. I’ve had it since I was very young, and have loved it dearly. I have seen the animated show in which my action figure Boba was from, but I never made the connection. Funny thing is, Boba Fett is my favourite character from Star Wars, and after showing my friends my vast collection of Fett action figures, they were confused at this one that I had with a yellow chestplate. I had no idea where it was from, and just told them it must’ve been something out of a cereal box that I kept. They called it the “Fail Boba”. But thanks to you, I made that connection, duh! Haha.

  2. Gareth says:

    I really love this figure but never got it… Fett from the OT was my favorite character. The damaged armor just screamed his personality as ‘look how much I have taken over the years, ya really think you can stop me?’ personality was one of the many things lacking in the prequel tragedy. I saw the cartoon and thought it was rather corny and loved Boba Fett’s voice. So gentle in a weird and sinister way. BTW the staff is actually a rifle, the toy company made it wrong.