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June 28, 2009 | By More

Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure Review

Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure ReviewAlright. I recently did a Retro Review for the Vintage GI Joe Navy Seal Codename: Torpedo. With the advent of the 25th Anniversary Joes, I had a plan. I was only going to get figures I didn’t have the vintage version of to help limit myself. To be honest, I wasn’t real impressed with the first few I saw. I passed over a large number of them, as a matter of fact.

However, when I saw the modern version of Torpedo, the temptation was too great. I just had to know how did the new Joes stack up to the vintage ones for the same character.

My other choice at the time was the Ace / Wild Weasel 2 pack. I love the idea of Ace, but vintage or new I hate the helmet idea.


As I mentioned in the vintage review, Torpedo is a little different than what I think of as a Navy SEAL these days. I tend to think of a bad ass soldier in a full complement of combat gear. Torpedo here looks to be going on a very specific underwater demolition mission.
Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure Review

Torpedo here is decked out in an updated version of the original’s grey and black wet suit. Overall, I have to say I’m impressed that the 25th Anniversary figures stayed close to the classic looks for the characters. Again, I don’t really understand how a bright grey stripe will help a SEAL infiltrate a Cobra base, but, it’s true to the vintage version.

The biggest difference with this version of Torpedo is the removable mask. Instead of him riding around in vehicles and hanging out in Command Base with his regulator hanging out of his mouth, Torpedo can walk around with his wet suit headpiece on.

Now that he has a face, I have to say he looks less intimidating. His head reminds me more of Dirk the Daring from Dragon’s Lair that a hardened kick butt soldier.

The wet suit has all of the little doodads you’d expect. The pouches on his upper torso have been updated to look more like explosives and, well, pouches. The belt was updated from the original, but keeps the same styling and some extra paint to boot.

Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure ReviewTwo of the coolest updates to Torpedo have got to be his legs. The black sculpted knife has been upgraded to a sheath and removable knife. Sweet! The explosive packs on the left leg are gone. In their place is a holster for a pistol. Torpedo is now well equipped to fight on land or sea.

Torpedo looks pretty good. I don’t know what it is though, I’m just not a big fan of the chest joint. I have to say it looks better on Torpedo than the Cobra Trooper though. With the more form fitting outfit, it looks more like sculpted pecs than anything else.

Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure Review


The added articulation in the new figures allows Torpedo here to do something that always was frustrating with the vintage one. He can swim. The ankle articulation allows him to kick like he’s underwater. The flippers work the same as the vintage ones plugging into the foot peg holes.

Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure ReviewSpeaking of foot peg holes, the flippers have an extra set. This way even with his flippers on he can stand on his ubiquitous stand. I have to say that with the flippers, he doesn’t really need the stand, but the forethought is pretty neat. What would have been better is if they would have included some sort of plastic peg that you could pose him on like he was swimming horizontally. Or so you could pose him like his card picture.

Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure ReviewI’ve said it before. I loved GI Joe figures because of all of their gear. It’s the reason I had the vintage Snow Job and Torpedo as well as Short Fuze and Flash. The last two had those cool visors. Torpedo here has more gear than his vintage counterpart. Two flippers, pack, mask, stand, knife, pistol, and spear gun. That’s a ton of stuff for a figure. The knife was a bit of a surprise. It’s styled like a diving knife or military survival knife. The thing that surprised me was the very edge of the knife blade has some dark silver paint on it. (You can see this in the pic at the top of the page.)

The new pistol is small handgun with a silencer. It fits well enough in his hand, and make perfect sense for a stealthy SEAL to carry. It’s certainly a better piece of personal protection for when he’s out of the water than a speargun.

Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure Review

Speaking of the speargun, it appears to be the same as the vintage one. Like maybe the mold was refurbished slightly to make the new one. (The new one is on the top.) I never understood what the stock was for on this weapon. It’s not nearly long enough.

The flippers appear to have been reworked from the vintage versions as well.

The back pack also is very close to original.
It has some extra detailing around the bottoms of the small rockets. The peg on the back of it is longer than a vintage one. This pack has an opening on the inside that shows the backsides of the air tanks. I don’t know why this was included but is one of those nifty details you don’t see unless you open your figures.

The mask is a one piece affair that has the mouthpiece and goggles. It looks more like a fireman’s mask if you ask me. Or the vintage Rip Cord’s mask. A word of CAUTION. The hose is a separate piece. I didn’t realize it until I dropped it and had to save it from a swooping dog prodigy. While the mask setup isn’t horrible, it does look slightly bulky on the figure. A separate head would have been just as fine with me, but I concede the play factor is cooler with the removable one.

Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure ReviewUPDATE:
I learned something after I posted this review originally.
Imceache at was kind enough to point out Torpedo’s air tanks are removable. I was wondering how they got them painted on the inside. I figured they were glued in. Thanks for the tip!

One last note. While overall I’m pleased with
the re-launch of this line, I do have some concerns about the durability of these figures. They just seem a little weak at the joints. Especially the wrists, ankles and knees. I can’t imagine these figures surviving some the “missions” my Joes went on. (Thrown into a bush, parachuting from a 2nd floor window, riding the VAMP down a staircase, etc…) Part of the fun of the vintage figures was they were durable, posable, and ready for action.


Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure ReviewI’m pretty happy that I decided to pick Torpedo up. I wasn’t sure at first if I’d like the update, but he’s pretty cool. Yeah, there are a couple of small things I don’t like. But they are just that small things.

Out of the four or five of new Joes I’ve picked up, he’s my favorite so far. He’s got all the gear he needs and is ready to go on those demolition missions. All that said, I have to give the Joe team a thumbs up on their update of one of my favorite vintage figures. They kept the classic look, gave him useful articulation and more gear. At the same time, there is no mistaking the spirit of the original. Yo Joe!

Engineernerd Score: 90/100

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Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure Review

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  1. Clutch says:

    I love this version of Torpedo for all the things it gives us that the vintage one missed: Removable oxygen mask, air tanks, knife, no droopy eyes, and a more proper head sculpt. One of the best figures from the 25th Anniversary line for sure.