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June 13, 2009 | By More

South Park has been capturing a lot of headlines over the last week or so — so it seems only fitting that we added a review of Hip Hop Cartman to the TV&FT site. Nerdman has graciously turned over the reins to me (insert evil laugh…), and is allowing me to share my opinions with you here.

Though I am not a diehard fan of South Park, I do have a soft spot for Cartman. I’ve had a virtual Cartman for about 5 years now — how can you not love saying “Kick @$$” four different ways?


Considering that the real Cartman doesn’t have much of a physique (see what living on pie and cheesy poufs can do?), I’d say that this rendering does him justice. His short, stubby legs rotate slightly, and his neck was surprisingly articulated — allowing him to strike a stylin’ pose.
He comes with two sets of arms, both which feature his dope gold “PIE” ring. Perhaps I am dating myself a bit, but you gotta love the Kid ‘N Play hair, and the Flava Flav clock he’s sporting around his neck.

I don’t think that the Super Adventure Club would want to mess with this Cartman. That ring could pack a nasty wallup.

As for accessories, he really doesn’t need much. His trusty boom box, no doubt including his favorite mix tape of Run DMC songs. Rock on!


The rest of the gang may be a bit hard to come by — I’ve seen a few on clearance every now and then. I don’t mind Eric flying solo, though — he sits on my desk and reminds me of the good ole’ 80’s, and how bad we used to dress back then!


As I said, I have a soft spot for Cartman, so I admit my opinion will be a bit biased. Feel free to drop us a note and tell me your thoughts — and if you’ve spotted some of the gang.

Mrs. Nerd Rates This One: 85/100

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