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June 13, 2009 | By More

A long time ago for a toy store far, far away, Kenner produced a line of “Large Size” Action figures. They
were produced near the standard 12″ size. This way Han Solo could date Barbie and Chewbacca could rip the arms off of Ken.


I have to say that the likenesses in Kenner’s 12″ line were pretty good. Obviously not as good as some of today’s high end goodies, but considering the time not bad. I remember thinking as a kid this was as close to movie accurate that we’d ever see.

Han has the 70’s hair we all remember. His face is recognizable as Ford’s. It’s been smoothed out a bit, but still compared to most of the other stuff from that time period, it’s pretty good.

Han has a three piece outfit. Pants, shirt and vest. The shirt is a simple piece, with an open neck and short collar. The pants are black with elastic at the top. The “Corellian” blood stripe is missing down the seams of the pants, which would have been cool for a figure back then. The vest leaves a little to be desired. It’s a leatherette piece with no pockets or details. Apparently, Han buys his vests from a Harley store. The boots and belt for this figure are decent. There is some detailing on the boots. There are details on the belt/holster. They’re typical ‘Kennerized’ details, smoothed out and plain looking, but they are there. The attached holster has a strap that cinches down to hold Han’s blaster.

Some items to note. Storage hasn’t been kind to my Han and there are some things you can notice from the pictures. There is a mysterious stain on his right sleeve. There are several loose strings all over. Under his vest, there is a large area of his shirt with a pull in it. (That’s why I didn’t include a picture sans vest.)

Han’s boots show some marks from, when as a kid I would use anything try and pull those boots on. (My Luke’s boots are in far worse condition) Also, as you can see there is some paint missing from his hairdo. This is most likely from trying to cram all that hair in a GI Joe astronaut helmet.


Articulation was about equal to the fashion doll set with this line. Han sports the 5 main points. Shoulders, hips and neck. Nothing fancy. However, he also has some sort of molded over knee joints. They don’t allow a lot of movement, but some is better than none, right?

Han also come with his signature blaster.Again, what detail there is, has been smoothed out. Despite that, there is no mistaking this for anything other than Han’s trusty side arm.

The one thing that is missing from this review (and most of the loose Han Solos I’ve seen) is the medal that Han came with. It was a round disc with a piece of red ribbon to hang around his neck. The disc had a generic raised star in the middle and was a gold vac metal finish, similar to the vintage C3PO. I’m hopeful mine will show up in some dusty storage box one of these days.


I’ve got some pretty good memories of my large size figures from when I was a kid. I used to take Luke and Han over to the girl next door’s house to steal Barbie’s heart from Ken. I also remember having a large Tonka jeep the two of them would dive around in.

My large figures never saw as much playtime as their smaller cousins. This worked out well though, otherwise, I probably would only had a naked Han to do a review on.

All things considered, Han was a pretty decent figure for his time. His likeness and outfit are pretty close, as were his accessories. The other thing that I realized when looking him over for this review, this figure was meant to be played with. He was figure that a parent would have no problem handing to a kid to be ripped out of the package and taken on a hundred imaginary adventures.

Engineernerd Score: 90/100

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