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Spudtrooper®, Hasbro®, Mr. Potatohead®, review, Star Wars®

I wasn’t sure how the Spudtrooper was going to look
when I heard about him. Then I found a Darth Tater.
And he was super cool. So, I was optimistic about this guy and I wasn’t disappointed.The Spudtrooper is your typical Potato Head. Changeable nose, ears and so forth. One improvement over Darth Tater is his potato masher gun is removable. His masher actually reminds me of small
hand mixer I used to have.

The design people really pulled this one off. The arms are perfect trooper arms and the helmet/mask combo says Potato Head and Star Wars all at the same time. The mask is a separate piece. I have been displaying him with the mask “flipped up” like in the third picture.

I’m actually hoping to find a couple of more of these guys to form a guard around Darth Tater. They seem to be a little less plentiful than Tater.

The nice thing about these guys is they fill a special place in my collection. That being the one of some toys kids can play with when they are visiting that I don’t have to worry about getting damaged.

Everybody’s collection can use a little whimsy. So, I’d suggest letting this little guy take root with your other Star Wars items. (You didn’t think I’d go the whole way without a potato joke?)

Engineernerd Score: 95/100

Spudtrooper®, Hasbro®, Mr. Potatohead®, review, Star Wars®

Spudtrooper®, Hasbro®, Mr. Potatohead®, review, Star Wars®

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