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June 13, 2009 | By More

“Raiders of the Lost Ark” is one of my all time favorite films. It really captured my imagination when it came out originally. Not surprisingly, I have a few of the figures that came out around the time of the movie . Belloq was Indy’s nemesis, so I thought he’d be a good candidate for closer look.


Belloq first appears in “Raiders” in a pith helmet and typical adventurer gear. But, that wasn’t the version that Kenner decided to produce in 1982. They went for the middle of the movie, in his Marion wooing outfit. Wow, a bad guy in khakis.

His sculpt and size are roughly the size and quality of the “Star Wars” figures of the size of the time. Straight arms and legs and no waist joint. Unlike SW figures though, Belloq has knee joints and funky hip joints. The reason for this (I’m assuming) is to allow him to ride the horse that was part of the line. I’m sure everyone remembers the great horse chase between Indy and Belloq (just kidding).


Just like SW figs, most of the Raiders figures came with a single small accessory. And what exciting item
did Indy’s arch enemy come with? A map. While it’s
cool, I’m sure this had to one of the most easily lost accessories ever to come with a figure. It wasn’t even legible. Just some vaguely Egyptian looking markings. One of the family vineyard wine bottles would have been more exciting. However, I think the most obvious accessory would have been the gold idol from the beginning of the film. That would’ve been cool.


To me this figure looks like he would be more at home in on the “Love Boat” than the middle of an archeological dig. I would have rather seen a generic German soldier over this guy. At least then, there would’ve been somebody to drive the truck that was in the line.

Engineernerd Score: 65/100

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