Muppet Comic “Hamalot”

July 4, 2009 | By More

If you think about it, the Muppets and Monty Python aren’t all that different. Both of their TV programs were basically skit shows. The skits ranged from musical to topical. The only real difference in the formulas of the shows was the age of the target audience. Although, the Muppet show has a lot of subtle adult humor.

I love both of these groups and wanted to combine them together in one comic strip. Python fans will, of course, recognize this as a Muppet riff on the Spam skit. The name was changed, similar to the Python Hollywood Bowl show, to avoid litigation from Hormel. Well, and in this case, it’s funnier with ham.

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  1. Kelly Jean says:

    Love the muppets – did not know they had comics..