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September 13, 2009 | By More

Mrs. Nerd and I were in a Dollar Store recently while we were waiting on two of the pups to get their haircuts at the groomer a couple stores down. Typically, these places are hit or miss. Mrs. Nerd is an office supply junkie, so she always likes to get pens, notepads and the like. Wandering down the toy aisle I saw guitars from Guitar Hero on the pegs.

I thought they were accessories for the figure line. However, after looking at the figures, the scale seems off. I’m imagining that McFarlane put

these out to compete with the miniature skateboards, dirt bikes and such that seem to litter the toy sections these days.

They had two different 2 guitar packs. I figured for a buck a piece, they might work as cool Muppet accessories.


Except for the crazy designs these remind me quite a bit of Palisades Muppet accessories. They’re fairly well detailed and have all of the features that you’d find on a real guitar.

When you get them out of the package, each guitar is in three pieces to let you mix and match. The bodies and paint all scream 80’s hair bands to me. I mean when was the last time you saw a flying “V” body guitar? Each of the bodies has a fairly intricate paint. But, that’s what makes these collectible and unique right? The V has paint that looks like a Q-bert playing field, that I really kind of dig.

Each of the necks I got is in a different color. Two of them have different fret markings, as well. Each of the heads is in a unique style, sadly I don’t think any of them match the guitar body paint and styles, but to each their own.


I don’t get the appeal of all the miniature skateboards, dirt bikes, and whatever else they come up with. I guess they’re the Matchboxes of the X-Games generation. However, they do make some cool accesories.

I really wanted to fill out my Electric Mayhem display with some of these. The fact they come with little scale accurate stands is perfect for this. The bottom arms pivot to allow the differnt guitar body configurations, as well.

While the mixing and matching is a fun feature, it does lend it self to a little difficulty. Some of the guitars didn’t want to stay together real well. Maybe that’s limited to mine. Since these are going to be more display pieces than play items, it’s not an issue for me.


Yeah, overall, I’m glad I got these little six string axes. I temper that statement by the fact I only paid a dollar for four guitars. I saw the same package at a Toys R Us for close to $5 last week. At that price I’d probably have passed.

They are great accessories, though, if you are putting the band together.

Engineernerd score: 95/100 (Dollar Store Price)

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  1. Errex says:

    Those guitars look quite nice. I’ve been eyeing them for a while now, but sadly I must admit accessories like that don’t quite fit my 6-7 inch scale collection.

  2. DrNightmare says:

    One dollar!? Even the discount stores everywhere else but here get all the cool toys! AARRGG!