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Hasbro released Deadpool with Missile Launcher Cannon in 2009 as part of the Deluxe assortment of toys based on the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. This release is based on his comic appearance and includes a big accessory for the figure. Deadpool is a character first introduced as a villain in X-Force #98, but proved popular enough to be given a couple limited comic book series (The Circle Chase and Sins of the Past, if you must know) and his own book a couple of years later.

Two versions of Deadpool

This version of Deadpool uses a whole new sculpt. The Deluxe Deadpool is noticeably larger than the basic version (about 1/8 of an inch), and even though he retains the slim but buff physique, he feels heavier. Some small details on his costume also changed, replacing the double straps on wrists and ankles for wider black bands and a new Liefeld-styled thigh pouch replacing the holster on his right leg. Elsewhere the costume seems to have a rougher sculpted texture, with tighter muscle groups and wrinkles that readily show this is a costume and not body-paint. The head is also different, with a stronger jaw line and, from the way the brow is sculpted, an overall angrier expression. Thankfully, the Deluxe version of Deadpool retains pretty much the exact same articulation modelfpund in the basic carded version:

Ball jointed neck. Allows for free swivel, but pretty much no tilting whatsoever, which is unfortunate, as Deluxe Deadpool is perpetually looking down.

Peg & hinge shoulders. Great motion range and even allow the arms to rest relaxed at his sides. (No biceps swivel, though)

Peg & hinge elbows. Very good 90° bend and free 360° rotation on both arms.

Swivel wrists. Free 360° rotation

Ball mounted torso. Slightly improved range of movement over the basic version, good for posing or simply to adjust the center of gravity of the figure.

Peg & hinge ball jointed hips. Basically, a hinged sphere with a pair of pegs that go one to the torso and the other peg to the upper thigh, providing a great range of movement.

Double jointed knees. Excellent range on both legs.

Peg & hinge ankles. Again, an improvement over the basic version. These have a decent up/down range and free 360° rotation.

Another improvement on this Deluxe figure can be found on his webgear. This time it is sculpted with better detail, like embedded techno-gadgets and a larger teleportation matrix (the round gem-like plate at chest height). This rubber piece also has a couple of sheaths for the included katana swords, which are placed almost parallel to each other in order to facilitate the insertion of the Deadpool figure into the accessory that classes him as a Deluxe pack: The Missile Launcher.

Launcher Deluxe

The Missile Cannon is big, and red, and a completely stupid waste of plastic. It’s a sharp-angled jumble of panels with no discernible form or function beyond that of a very rudimentary gunner station. The overall shape is reminiscent of a comic-book designed machine where no considerations were taken to even approach reality. Imagine a futuristic Red Baron plane that lost the wings, the tail and half the fuselage and what you get is this atrocity. With Deadpool in place, the launcher looks like a futuristic Flintstones car, with the front of the gun propped against two support struts and the rear weight of the thing resting on Deadpool’s own legs. The “cockpit” boasts a movable target-finder that doesn’t really work all that well, but at this stage that’s a very minor nit to pick.

Deluxe Deadpool The thing comes in three pieces, the gun body being one and two additional “wings/vents” that attach to the sides. There are two launcher ports at the front, both linked to different release buttons on each side of the launcher, so it is possible to fire the missiles one at a time. Other that the swords and the launcher Deadpool comes with no extra accessories. On the positive side, the paint decoration on both the figure and the gun is actually quite good, with practically no slop nor stray paint lines anywhere.

Overall, I don’t regret buying this set, because even with the hunched neck, the Deluxe Deadpool is actually something of an improvement over the single carded release   (which I also like very much) and I got this Deluxe set at 50% Off. I do wish, however, that the big accessory included had been either better designed or something else entirely, like simply a red repaint of the Deluxe Wolverine bike.

Errex Score: 80/100



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