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December 10, 2010 | By More

Luke Cage (a.k.a. Power Man) was released in 2010 as part of the second (H.A.M.M.E.R.) series of figures in the Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line. For this series, Hasbro upped the ante by offering a few new body types with unique sculpts.

Luke Cage has a new tall and muscular build. While the upper torso remains fairly generic, lower torso and legs are unique to this figure. Cage wears a black tank top and bell-bottom jeans. The tank top is just the usual painted–on clothing, but the pants display the seams and stitching characteristic to denim garments.

The jeans were given a paint wash to help bring out the textures, and also some dry brushing was applied to simulate worn spots. Even though the arms are naked, a paint wash was also applied to them to provide some shading, but the end result looks actually rather sloppy up close.

Even though the body is new, Luke Cage still conforms to the usual Marvel Universe standard in terms of articulation:

    • Ball jointed neck.

      Double peg, hinged shoulders.

    • Hinged elbows.

    • Swivel wrists.

    • Floating torso.

    • Ball jointed hips. Range is somewhat limited.

    • Double Hinged knees.

    • Peg & Hinge ankles. Restricted to limited rotation.

      Luke Cage comes packaged with a piece of bling, a piece of busted up, oxidized steel girder, a knitted cap, a numbered and personalized display base and a small envelope containing the corresponding  “Hammer File” (which is basically an In-Universe report or assessment of the character and a picture card with some stats printed on it).

      Cage’s display base has the word “Marvel” engraved on top and the character’s name and series number stenciled right below.

      If anything, I must say that Luke Cage looks a little too contemporary urban to really fit in with the Marvel Universe line. If, like me, you know next to nothing about his comic book exploits, the figure looks just like the type of character you fought in games like Double Dragon or Streets of Rage.

      Still, the figure is well constructed and even though the paint application is a little lacking, Luke Cage is a pretty decent addition to any Marvel Universe collection.

      Errex Score: 80/100

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