Gelagrub Patrol

January 8, 2011 | By More

Generally, the Star Wars Battlepack format has been good to fans. In a box you get several figures and accessories for a cost that oftentimes is lower than what you’d pay for each individually carded figure.

Back when Hasbro made the change to the red and white packaging, the Battlepack format was altered to include either 2 figures and an accessory or one figure and a medium sized mount or vehicle.

Suffice to say that fans, as a whole were less than thrilled by these changes, and from the two initial sets done in this format, the Gelagrub Patrol tended to stick to shelves a while longer because of the apparent lack of value in a set with only one figure and what amounts to a medium sized vinyl toy in it.

The Clone Trooper included is an outstanding piece, for sure, and some may think it was enough reason to buy this set. The Clone Trooper is equipped as a member of the 327th Star Corps , the troops that served on Felucia under Commander Bly and General Aayla Secura. The armor has the mustard colored markings and some slight wear and tear added for effect on some panels.

The figure is of the super-articulated variety, but also has the improved peg & hinge hip design that allows for a more natural riding pose. Overall sculpt is sharp as ever and the face under the removable helmet is the same Tem Morrison face we’ve been getting since 2005.

The kama is made of fabric and is affixed to the rubber belt, which has a pistol holster hanging from each side. The pauldron is the same design used for the Clone Trooper Evolutions Set, although the pistols included with this figure are actually a different mold.

The Gelagrub is a completely new piece. This beastie is fairly well sculpted and has a definite alien bug feel to it. It has a soft vinyl, translucent blue body with a harder powder-blue plastic head. The creature incorporates a pincer action feature that works by pressing the sides of the “neck” together to close the mandibles, but lacks any other form of articulation.

The Gelagrub has enough room to accommodate at least two Clone Troopers on it’s back, provided they have comparable hip joints. It would have been nice if a saddle had been included for the clone, or at least some form of harness to transport weapons or equipment on the Gelagrub, even though that might not jive with the way the beast (fleetingly) looked in the movie.

Overall, I must say that this is a pretty fun set, but not at the original pricing. One figure, ultra-articulated as it may be, and a large vinyl bug just doesn’t scream “Value!” the same way as other sets or even the Comic 2-Packs do, which is something of a shame. At the very least, Hasbro should have included a bundle of weapons from the Saga Legends assortment to sweeten the deal.

Errex Score: 90/100

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