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I have mixed feelings about the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Other than the videogames I have personally played, I consider most of it to be little more than professionally written fan-fiction and thus, easy to dismiss.

Some times, elements from the Expanded Universe will seep into regular Star Wars Canon, like the creation of Aayla Secura, but the inverse situation also applies, when a fairly obscure character from the official canon is featured on an Expanded Universe source and becomes a much more popular entity.

How can you tell such a character has finally made it? Easy enough, because it gets made into an action figure like the one I’m reviewing today, Jedi Master K’Kruhk.

K’Kruhk is a whipid, a species first seen at Jabba’s Palace in the movie Return of the Jedi. These hairy, bulky aliens are reputed to be fairly aggressive and violent but that didn’t prevent the inclusion of a whipid jedi in the 2005 Tartakovsky Clone Wars cartoons.

The character was used pretty much to establish the reputation of General Grievous as a jedi slayer in an episode where he alone took out several knights and masters on war ravaged planet Hypori, prior to the Battle of Coruscant.

Despite his apparent death, K’Kruhk found his way into Dark Horse’s Republic and Legacy comic book series where he became a fan favorite, which in turn led to his inclusion into the final wave of figures from the Legacy Collection in 2010.

K’Kruhk is a completely new sculpt, and one you notice right away is that he’s quite bulky. Even though the previous whipid in the toy line, J’Quille, wore as much clothing as Chewbacca, K’Kruhk wears full jedi tunic and cloak over his shaggy frame.

Another immediate difference is that K’Kruhk looks taller and leaner than J’Quille, which after all, should come as no surprise since the K’Kruhk had his appearance adapted to look good in comics, while J’Quille was pretty much a mangy costume worn by an extra over 25 years ago.

The clothes on K’Kruhk are expertly sculpted and the overall proportions convey a powerful physique underneath. Articulation is well blended into the costume design and even though some joints get their range slightly reduced, K’Kruhk falls into the super articulated category with:

  • Ball jointed neck. Surprisingly good range fro a character with a long flowing mane.
  • Peg & hinge shoulders.
  • Peg & hinge elbows. Don’t bend quite to 90° but range is good.
  • Swivel wrists.
  • Swivel waist.
  • Swivel hips.
  • Peg & hinge knees.
  • Peg & hinge ankles.

Even though the front part of his tunic is a rubber piece, K’Kruhk has more than enough range and stability to adopt action oriented poses, further helped by the fabric ankle length skirt he wears.

K’Kruhk has simple paint applications on his limbs, consisting on one color blocked areas painted in a few different shades of tan. The paintjob on the face is more complex, with freckles and golden yellow, lion-like eyes that really bring the character to life.

The accessories K’Kruhk comes with are a one-size-too-big brown fabric cloak and his green lightsaber, as well as the right arm to complete the BG-J38 Build a Droid.

In the end it was pretty much a no-brainer for me to get this figure, alien jedi being one of the very specific foci in my collecting; but even without taking that into account, K’Kruhk is a very remarkable, fun figure on it’s own merit and one you’d definitely want to track down.

Errex Score: 98/100

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