Han Solo (Echo Base Outfit)

March 5, 2011 | By More

I have never really identified with Han Solo, so, I have not been too keen in keeping up with the newer action figures released for the character. Back when the line up for the first wave of the new Vintage Collection was announced, the Echo Base Han Solo was one I did not plan to get at launch date.

Lo and behold!, this time the gambit paid off and I managed to find one copy at an unusual 50% discount from a local vendor.

The figure itself isn’t bad, it’s just that this outfit doesn’t scream “indispensable” to me, as the only new parts are the arms (arguably) the head and the rubber coat vest. The rest of the figure is pretty much lifted from the Endor version we got in the VTSC line a few years ago.

The sculpting is pretty good overall, with a decent amount of detail added on the newer pieces, like the quilted lines on the coat and the wrapped handles on the accessories. The face is a nice variation on Han Solo and even though it’s still not quite Harrison Ford, it’s getting close.

Articulation is very good and competently blended into the figure design, with no joint being too conspicuous. Echo Base Han has:

  • Ball jointed head.
  • Peg & hinge shoulders.
  • Peg & hinge elbows.
  • Swivel wrists.
  • Floating torso.
  • Swivel hips.
  • Peg & hinge knees.
  • Peg & hinge ankles.

Obviously, the long coat does get in the way of some poses like sitting but for the most part range is pretty good on Echo Han. The rubber belt and holster still like to hover over the thigh, but the coat helps to cover up this and the gaping hole on his back.

The paint applications are good in general. There’s not a lot of fine details painted on other than the eyes and the yellow piping on the pants, but the coat has a painted fur trim at the neck and white lining.

One thing the Vintage line has is a very sparse accessory count, although this varies from figure to figure. Han comes with his trusty blaster pistol, a welders mask and what I suppose is a welding rod. These accessories look interesting and are decorated nicely, although I don’t think they’d be reason enough to buy the figure.

Overall I’m satisfied with this figure, but I don’t think I would have paid full retail price for it, although when I began taking the pictures for the review I started liking it better.

Errex Score: 85/100

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