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August 3, 2011 | By More

Thanks to the “What’s on Joe Mind?” Podcast, I learned there was a GI Joe swap meet and convention going on in almost my backyard. Coil Con II took place in Kokomo, Indiana on July 23rd. Hosted by Kokomo Toys. It was a pretty cool event.

First, I want to mention how cool Kokomo Toys was. It might be a smaller store, but it is packed floor to ceiling with tons of toy and action figure goodness. If you collect any sort of modern era figure they will probably have something there that will interest you. If you are within driving distance of Kokomo you owe it to your self to check it out some time. I’d like to go back down one of these days when it won’t be so busy from the con traffic.

I knew it was going to be a good morning when I walked up and the first thing I saw was something I’d never seen before.

Yes, deck and superstructure pieces to not just one but two USS Flaggs. I’ve never seen one of these in person so it was so cool I had to take a picture. I believe somebody had a complete one for sale, as well.

There were a number of very cool things for sale at the various tables. Loads of vehicle pieces for customizers. I even spied a the shell of Terrordrome. I have to say that thing is much bigger in person than what I thought. Other items ranged from new to classic. There were a few of the recent Adventure Team figures as well as a new Skystriker. Pretty much every era of GI Joe Real American Hero was represented.

There were a number of custom figures on display and for sale. For me customs are hit or miss. Most of the time they end up looking rushed. Not at this con though.

There was one customizer there that had some amazing stuff on display. His tastes ran towards the realistic army stuff. My favorite piece he had on display was figure with a repainted Dusty gas mask head. I was actually more impressed with this head painted with the dark colors.  (I’m sorry I didn’t get his name. Please comment below if you know him, I’d love to give him credit.)

Next up was pretty cool customs from Dr. Mindbender Customs. He work ranged all over in both scale and properties. DC and Marvel were represented in addition to Star Wars, and of course, GI Joe. His work was really good.

I really kind of like the little COBRA BAT Astro-mech mashups. The field droids don’t really seem out of out of the realm of possibility for either universe.

I noticed a number of Dead pool customs on his table. One of my favorite pieces was  an oversize Venom with some crazy texture to it. I don’t have to focus to stay at it as long as that guy must have taken. There was a Mandolorian there that looked very well done. All of the paint was even, none of it looked blotchy or too thick. Washes were used to accent detail to great effect.

One of the more interesting piece he had was a repainted Stormshadow. I’ve seen good and bad camo customs. I’ve never seen leopard spots attempted on this much of a figure. This had to be crazy hard to do and get it to look this good. I have no idea if this is a custom character or an actual incarnation of Cobra’s ninja. Either way, well done Mindbender!

I really regret not taking more pictures at the next customizer’s table. AVACSLAB essentially builds Cobra support troops and equipment. There’s weaponry as well. Honestly, their website photographs are really good and do a way better job of showcasing their stuff. Their bulldozer & plow HISS tanks are incredible.

Their site doesn’t have a few of the figures they had on display, though. There was a pair of Cobra Medic/Surgeons working on a severely wounded trooper. Really was a surprising yet well made display.

I really wish I had more time to have spend at Coil Con. And well, cash. There was lots of stuff I would have really to have loved to have taken home with me. My favorite score of the day was navy blue T-shirt with big Cobra logo on it. Can’t go wrong with the classics.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these pics. It looks like it was a pretty good show. I remember seeing a USS Flagg sell at an auction once for just $75.00. I think that’s because it would have taken up someone’s entire car–that thing is massive!

  2. Errex says:

    That event looks like that was a blast to go to. Very nice pictures to boot, especially the Flagg ones. The blue leopard Storm Shadow immediately made me think of wrestling. 😉

  3. Newt says:

    Nice, I’ve thought about making the trip out to the Coil Con before. Always sounds like fun.