ARC Trooper Commander (Fordo)

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You may remember that not too long after the debut of the new Clone Wars line of figures, Hasbro was adamant that they’d never make figures based on characters from the show in the more realistic style of the Legacy or Saga Legends lines. And to a point, they have kept their word in that regard. However, it seems that the Clone Wars Micro-series is fair game, and that’s were the figure I’m reviewing today originated.


This ARC Trooper Commander was first seen on the second episode of the CW micro-series, and made subsequent appearances both at the end of season 1 and on the season 2. Even though Hasbro has had figures released with similar markings before, the name “Fordo” had not been mentioned anywhere in the packaging up until now, with the release of the figure number 54 in 2011’s Vintage Collection.


Fordo is a retool of the basic white Mk.I clone released in the previous wave of figures, with a few new accessories and red accents painted on. The sculpt on the armor is as sharp as ever, and the new head is a welcome variation, although the resemblance to either Tem Morrison or Bodhi Taylor is starting to become less evident.


Articulation is the exact same as in the Mk.I Clone Trooper, which means:


Ball jointed neck.

Pegged hinge shoulders.

Pegged hinge elbows.

Pegged hinge wrists.

Floating torso.

Pegged hinge hips.

Pegged hinge knees.

Pegged hinge ankles.


All of these joints function remarkably well and are seamlessly integrated into the character design.


Other than the black bodysuit and the usually good paint operations on the face, the only other painted areas on Fordo are the shoulder pads, the knee-pads and the back of the hands. All of these are covered in a light crimson color that displays good coverage and neat borders.


Fordo comes with enough extra gear to put together both of the looks he had in the TV series. In the package, he comes decked out in the Phase I ARC Trooper gear, consisting in an Mk.I clone helmet equipped with a range finder, a pauldron, a fabric skirt and a belt with two holsters for his guns (which, incidentally, are brand new molds).


Also included are an alternate helmet and a belt with one holster and a shoulder strap to complete the Phase II ARC look.


Fordo looks great on both modes and is probably one figure you’d want to have multiples of to mix and match accessories, but even if you can’t manage to find an extra copy, you can always share the accessories with the plain white Clone.



Errex Score: 98/100


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