Chewbacca (Star Wars Buddies)

October 8, 2011 | By More

Of course, they made a Chewbacca Star Wars Buddy. Who wouldn’t want their own cuddly Wookie?

Chewie looks more like a Boyd Bear than anything else to me. Mostly do to the face. Which also makes him look like our wonder pup, Madison. Pretty typical teddy bear style nose and eyes are used to make his visage. The eyes are a pretty blue, and it’s nice to see they just didn’t use black ones here.

The remainder of the head looks like a giant fluffy ball. Which is a little unWookie like, but works.

The fur is a a dark tan color that is probably a bit off from Chewie’s locks. It is soft, thought. The majority of his body is made from it, and while slightly off in color, it really does give him a cuteness factor.

The hands and feet have brown felt pads on them. Again, like other pieces in the line this attention to detail really sets these guys apart from some of the other plush out there.

Or course, it wouldn’t be Chewbacca without his bandoleer. Here, it almost  comes across looking like a purse. A little pouch is sewn on to a fabric piece that is printed with little grey squares on the front. The remainder is made up of a plain black piece of fabric across his back. The piece is sewn in to his body at the shoulder and hip to keep it well secured.

You know Chewie here is really what this line should be all about. A cute, cuddly toy that is a decent representation of a classic Star Wars character. And for that reason, I’m glad they did the closed mouth teddy bear look. Yeah, it’s not the look Chewie is known for, but at least he won’t scare you while protecting you from the aliens under the bed.

Engineernerd Score: 92/100

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