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The vintage Kenner Logray is one of the first Star Wars action figures I bought for myself, back in the 80’s. I remember it took a ride on the Metro, all by myself, to go to a mall where there was this small shop that carried loose figures and was the only outlet I knew of for shuch things.


I got Logray about a month before Return of the Jedi premiered in Mexico City, so I had no idea what he was supposed to be. I remember thinking that he looked rather fierce and the color scheme was unlike most other figures at the time, so I bought it.


I must confess that I was not particularly excited to learn that there would be a new release of this character in Hasbro’s 2011 Vintage Collection. To my eye, the Kenner vintage one still holds it’s own against the more recent POTF version, and after seeing the other, updated ewoks that have ben released in the past few years, I didn’t think there would be a significant improvement.


Boy, was I wrong. The new Logray  (VC55) simply blows away any other modern ewok made to this day. For starters, the scale is more accurate to what we saw in the movie, with the Medicine Man being less tall and bulky than the Kenner one, but still managing to up the level of detail.


Although there is really not a lot of difficulty in sculpting layers of fur, the underlying proportions are very good and the overall look is more accurate to the costume used in the movie.


The part where Logray really starts to surpass his brethren is articulation, since he has to be the most articulated ewok to date, since he has:


Ball jointed neck.

Pegged hinge shoulders.

Pegged hinge elbows.

Swivel wrists.

Swivel waist.

Pegged hinge hips.

Pegged hinge ankles.


For the most part, these joints are well concealed, although a few of them tend to be specially distracting at times, thanks to Logray’s characteristic striped color scheme. Even though the character design limits somewhat the motion range on some of these articulation points, the elbows and waist joints add a whole new level of playability, allowing for more dynamic posing options.


The paintjob is just OK, as there is really not a lot that could go wrong on this one. Logray sports vertical tan and darker brown stripes, with a lighter drybrush on both colors that helps to tie the look together. There have been reports of slight color variations, specially on the face area, but these are minor and I don’t think those are legitimate variants. Besides, with the full gear on, it’s hardly noticeable.

Speaking of gear, Logray comes with his ornamental bird skull headdress, a satchel, a ceremonial staff and a spear that is the exact same mold used for Wicket in this same collection. Except for the spear, all of these pieces are made from a rubbery material and are decorated to approximate the look of the movie props.


In the end, this new Logray turned out to be e very nifty addition to my collection.


Errex Score: 90/100


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