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October 26, 2011 | By More

Yes, I’m aware most of you were expecting to read a Black Dragon review this week. Well, I wasn’t happy with the pictures. It will be soon, though.

So instead I put this vintage Joe review together as penance. As much as I didn’t like my Black Dragon pictures, I really don’t like taking pictures of white figures on my typical white background. So it’s a treat that I present the vintage GI Joe Snow Job.


I’ve never hid my love for cold weather figures. As I’ve said before, growing up in the U.P. of Michigan made snow something I could relate to. It probably doesn’t hurt there were Hoth Star Wars playsets.  So when the Joe figure with skis came along, I had to have him.

Snow Job is exactly the colors you would expect. White. Yes, there’s some black and brown there, but he’s predominantly white. Perfect for blending into the Hoth, er…I mean arctic background.

The jacket he wore reminded me quite a bit of the military parkas my Dad had in the Air Force. Lots of pockets, with no extra. My Dad even had a hood like that with a small strap on the back of it for his jacket. He didn’t have the cool forearm pockets, though.

Something they did with his jacket is both clever and a sign of the times when he was built. His jacket stops just under his belt to leave his legs free to move. If this were a true parka it would have came down farther. I never noticed that as a kid, but now I do. Obviously, at the time he was made, kid fun was more important that what collectors wanted. Well, collectors didn’t really exist yet did they?

One of the other things I think I’ve always loved about Snow Job was his beard. Yes, it’s a very practical thing for his working environment. But, I think that combined with the skis, really hearkens back to the vintage Adventure Team stuff. When you bought a carded Snow  Joe, it was like buying a mini adventure pack. With just the stuff he had you could send him on a solo arctic mission.


Being from the second wave of GI Joe RAH figure, Snow Job comes armed with the swivel arm battle grip. I’m sure that helps him on the slopes, as well.

As you can imagine one of the things that attracted me to Snow Job was the accessories. Skis, poles and pack to hold them?!? Kid heaven. All of the items are fairly plain, but it’s their plain looks that give them realism.

The backpack, I’m assuming is some kind of frame deal. It holds the skis and poles real well. If anything, the poles are held a little tight. I always feel like I’m going to break them taking them out.

Where the modern figures have holes to put them on stands through their foot wear, this guy doesn’t. Just plain simple skis with a a foot bet and bindings.

Of course, most GI Joe figures come with a weapon, and Snow Job is no exception. He comes with probably one of the more recognizable guns, as it is the laser rifle most of the Joes used in the animated series. It’s pretty nicely detailed. Enough to look like something, but not so much it looks over done. To be honest, with it’s use in the cartoon, it really surprises me more figures didn’t have this gun.


Snow Job is one my favorites of the early GI Joe figures. He actually seemed like a real specialist to me and not just an average soldier. I really love the fact he’s got that whole adventure in a blister thing going on. Maybe he should have been named “Great Job”.

Engineernerd Score: 87/100

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  1. Tom says:

    Snow Job was a great figure, I really like how they continued that concept with his POC update. I was a bit geeked when they did the Target past/present set.

  2. Engineernerd says:

    I had that in my hand and didn’t get it. I really regretted it when I saw the condition of my vintage Polar Battle Bear.

  3. Tom says:

    They are still selling on Amazon for $15

  4. Engineernerd says:

    I didn’t know that. I’m going to have to go check that out.

  5. fishmilkshake says:

    Jeez that beard sticks out a mile. He really needs a scarf! Great review Eng.