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November 18, 2011 | By More

Out of all of the Toy Story characters, Rex is my favorite. Dress him up as an astronaut, and he’s even more awesome.

I don’t have a large Toy Story collection. Really, it consists mainly of real world scale versions of the characters. However, Rex being my favorite, has caused me to collect multiple versions of the shy tyrannosaur. This one found it’s way into my collection during the Toy Story 2 era. I’m pretty sure this is a Zurg fighting outfit. While, not an on screen version, I’m guessing this is how Rex saw himself when he was playing the Buzz Lightyear video game.

I was reminded of this guy recently when Ben Tiede turned me on to the Super Dinosaur comic book. Smaller, intelligent T-Rex who uses joysticks to control larger arms on his back? Yeah, sounds familiar. Ben was lamenting the fact that there wasn’t any Super Dinosaur action figures, but this Rex is close. There’s actually a new version of him on shelves now, that might even be closer.

There was pretty much one Rex body and head for most of these figures. And it’s not bad for a kids line. The sculpt and appearance is probably a little nice than the larger scale one that I have. He even has some subtle color variation on his back.

This body has been modified for the harness for his jet pack / super punch action feature. The whole thing pulls back and locks. Press the button on his back and he delivers a knock out punch. The “nacelles” remind me a bit of TOS era Enterprise.

There is also a helmet piece that is combined with the controls. It’s a bit elaborate. The helmet opens and closes and the joysticks actually move. His head can even turn a little bit.

One of the things I love about these Rex figure is the opening jaw. This gives him a range of possible expressions and just ads a bit to his overall look.


I have to say for being a non-screen version, the execution here is pretty good. Every kid at heart loves Toy Story, space, and dinosaurs right?

Engineernerd Score: 92/100




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  1. Errex says:

    Very cool toy. I have not seen more toys from this license other than the Mattel ones, but none is as cool as this one.