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November 14, 2011 | By More

I’ve been putting off writing this for almost a year. Why? Well hopefully by the end you will know.

Whiplash is one of just a couple of figures in the Iron Man line with a human face. And I think we can be glad that number is limited.


Have you ever been really excited to get a figure and been less than impressed with it in the blister? Have you then thought, it’ll look better out of the blister? And then took it out of the blister and wish you could put it back in cause it looked better in the blister? Okay, you now know my experience with this figure.

In the film, this outfit is taken from when Ivan first tries to extract his revenge on Tony Stark. Dressed as race track worker, his outfit is burned away as he powers up his arc type generator. This figure doesn’t remind me of that scene.

Let’s start from the top. This looks nothing like Mickey Rourke. He looks a bit more like a Musketeer to me than a rogue weapons designer. The hair has a bit of his stringy look, but the color seems to be way too solid and way too dark. I also don’t think Mickey can open his eyes as wide as this figure’s eyes are painted.

The overall appearance was of his harness is more cyborg than something he is wearing to me. The silver just doesn’t seem well defined to me, the edges just aren’t crisp enough. It also isn’t quite screen accurate. I think the reactor should be a little more in the middle of his chest and the lower portion seems a bit over size.

I believe the gloves aren’t screen accurate either. From the screen caps I could see online, he wasn’t wearing any gloves.

The lower half of this figure is a disaster. There I said it. Starting with the color. The coveralls in the film are bright orange. This is brown. Where in the film his coveralls hung in tatters around him, here it looks like he has a sweater tied around his waist Yuppie style. I can see what they were trying to do, they just didn’t accomplish it.

His right knee has part of the harness showing through, and this is one of the worst looking pieces. It really looks more like an implant than an external piece.

Is there any upside? Actually, there is. I really think they did a great job with his Russian prison tattoos. Included in multiple places, they are really nice for this scale. They are all look like something and not just random lines. I’m not sure they 100% screen accurate, but I’ve not seen a lot of great tattoos done at this scale.


Well, he has his whips. They aren’t fantastic. They look oversized and are stuck in their blister shape. They also aren’t energized. If you wanted those, you had to get a 3 pack from Target. They also don’t plug into the harness. That would have helped slightly.


I’m guessing by now you realized I wasn’t very happy with this purchase. I waited and waited for him and BAM! Utter disappointment. Yes, I’m glad we got a bad guy from the film to face off against the multitudes of Iron Man versions. I wish he had been a bit better designed and closer to film accurate. Or even better, the armored version from the end of the movie.

Engineernerd Score: 59/100

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