Darth Nil & Delia Blue (Star Wars Comic Packs)

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Even though the Hasbro 2-figure Comic Packs are no longer in production, the general consensus was that these were pretty good value for the money, by including two action figures and a reprint of a Dark Horse comic book.


However, sales didn’t seem good enough to keep on offering them at regular outlets, thus making them available from selected online vendors.


One of the last Comic Packs produced was this one, with characters from the Star Wars Legacy comic arc. This set includes a Sith Lord, Darth Nil and a starship mechanic Delia Blue.


The figures reflect accurately their appearance in the included comic book (Star Wars Legacy # 7) but it is rather obvious the overall style is not immediately recognizable as Star Wars.


Darth Nil, were it not for his lightsaber, could as easily pass as some sort of fantasy villain rather than a Sith, because he has a rather barbaric outfit and his face is sculpted with a definite elfish lean to it. And even the lightsaber hilt, without the blade, looks rather archaic. On the other hand, Delia blue has a better time fitting into a Star Wars display, despite her garish coloring.


The easiest way to describe Nil is as a humanoid male attired in a loincloth and upper torso armor made from the shell of some creature. The head is well sculpted and he was given pointy ears, thus the evil elf remark.


Keeping with the comparisons, Delia blue looks like a female Brazilian soccer fan. Her outfit is skimpy and skin tight, dominated by panels of green and yellow. Her skin is painted in a rather bright pink hue and her hair is purplish blue. Surprisingly, the overall effect is rather pleasant to the eye, or maybe I am just won over by her evident “attributes”.


On both characters the paint is nicely applied and there is little to no slop or wavy lines in sight.


The articulation given to these comic pack figures varies sometimes, but for Delia and Nil, Hasbro went for the full super articulated spread of:


Ball jointed neck. On both figures the range is limited slightly by the hair sculpt.

Pegged hinge shoulders. Here, Delia has the upper hand over Nil, whose pauldrons get in the way.

Pegged hinge elbows.

Swivel wrists.

Swivel waist.

Swivel hips.

Pegged hinge knees.

Pegged hinge ankles.


Overall, Delia’s slimness grants her more flexibility than Nil’s, but both figures are highly articulated and capable of a variety of dynamic poses.

Each of the figures comes with one accessory; Nil with a long-hilted red lightsaber with a removable blade and Delia comes with a newly molded blaster pistol. And of course, the reprinted comic book, Star Wars Legacy #7. This is the ending to the whole Legacy arc, thus is basically an extended lightsaber battle between the good guys and the bad guys, and it doesn’t really require to read the previous issues to enjoy.


Errex Score: Delia 85/100, Nil 90/100, Comic 80/100

Overall: 85/100



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