Cyclops (Blue Team Uniform)

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Cyclops isn’t necessarily one of my favorite Marvel characters in terms of his personality, but the way he is depicted in media always seems to translate well into action figure form. There have been a couple action figures made of him in Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line, but the version released as part of the second wave of figures in Series 3 is one I had been hoping to see for a while now.


This version of Cyclops sports the costume designed by Jim Lee, during his run as the penciler for the Uncanny X-Men comic book. There was one previous version of Cyclops, wearing this costume and done at the same scale as part of Toy Biz’s Marvel Superhero Showdown line, but the execution then was rather poor across the board, from figure construction to paints that never really dried off on the figure.


The new Cyclops does a lot of things right. For starters, Hasbro used a newly designed male body, with improved leg articulation and suitably heroic proportions. The only unique pieces developed for Cyclops are the head and the left hand. The face sculpture (what can be seen under the visor, anyways) is rather bland, but gets the job done. The hair looks nicely textured and the shape and size of the visor appears to be in accordance to the way Mr. Lee used to draw the character. The left hand was sculpted with index and midle finger extended, in the gesture Cyclops uses to press the button on his ruby visor whenever he wants to unleash an optic blast.


The costume details are comprised of yellow straps made of rubbery plastic for his wrists, thighs and boot cuffs, as well as a combination of belt and bandolier decorated with the X-Men crest at the chest and belt buckle. Cyclops articulation is similar to that found on his son, Cable, even though both characters clearly share no pieces. Cyke has:


Ball jointed neck.

Pegged hinge shoulders.

Upper biceps swivels.

Hinged elbows.

Swivel wrists.

Floating torso.

Swivel waist.

Ball jointed hips.

Upper thigh swivels.

Double hinged knees.

Upper calf swivels.

Angled, hinged peg ankles.


The paint job on Cyclops is minimal. The blue portions of his uniform have only a shading wash, but the yellow details are pretty much left the color of the plastic they were molded of. The head is well painted, with a metallic gold visor and block colors of brown and flesh for hair and skin respectively. There are also small, neatly painted, red accents for to the X-Men insignia and the slit in the visor.


Cyclops is not one character that would really need accessories, even though perhaps a translucent optic blast accessory could have been devised for the figure, so he comes only with a black display base with the Marvel logo on top and his name and the number 010 stenciled in a white font.


So, yes, Cyclops in his Blue Team uniform turned out to be one of my favorite Marvel Universe figures of all time, and one I would not hesitate to recommend.


Errex Score: 95/100


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