Shoulder Pads

March 15, 2012 | By | 3 Replies More

The shoulder pads here look like an 80’s dress to me.

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  1. FakeEyes22 says:

    Vintage Mail-Away Belloq, Raiders of the Lost Ark. At least I think he never came out on a card later on. Regardless, I think it's Belloq dressed in his finest head Kasplosion outfit.

  2. Starman says:

    Raiders of the Lost Ark Belloq

  3. yo go re says:

    "What's that you say? Performing an ancient sacred ceremony that's described in detail in the Bible? Sure, I can do that. I don't need to get everything perfectly right: what's the worst that could happen? Bring me any old picnic blanket, I'll throw that on."

    Signed, Belloq

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