Marauder Money Case

April 25, 2012 | By More

This is a quick one. I wanted to share another Marauder item. This one is part of their “Mission Cases” line, the Currency case.

It’s exactly what you would think it is. A small opening and closing brief case with money in it. The money is printed on a small piece of card stock and mounted in the case. It looks prety good for the scale. It’s mix of US Dollars and Euros. The top of the case has a passport and other documents on it.

It’s pieces like this that really got me interested in Marauder. GI Joe figures normally come with plenty of accessories to keep me happy. It’s the little additional items like this case that can add just that little bit of realism to photo or diorama. It’s also great to have something that not everybody else has in their pictures. My only complaint at all, is that it wont stand on the hinged side of the case. But, due to the scale I’m going to make an exception.

Keep up the great work, Marauder!

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  1. Tom says:

    Love those Marauder’s cases I have an empty one but not one of the mission ones yet, waiting for the next wave before I make my next order, I’ll have to look at them

  2. Engineernerd says:

    Going to review a couple more guns in a couple weeks. Something special for next week.