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June 11, 2012 | By More

There were 2 things that caught my eye as I walked into the Summit City Comic Convention, first was a large cardboard standup of Captain America, which unfortunately had a note tacked to it “sold” the other was a intricately detailed sketch of a World War II era Red Skull. As I perused artist alley I kept coming back to the booth of Dave Wachter, the artist responsible for the aforementioned Red Skull piece, most of the time there were a group of people looking through his sketch book and talking to him as he worked on more sketches and commissions. Mid-way through the day I happened to pass when there was only one person and they seemed to be leaving so I jumped right up to the table and took my chance to look through his book, I told him how much I appreciated his Red Skull and he mentioned there was a corresponding World War II Cap as well, I quickly found it and purchased both.

While not my favorite I have come to appreciate the “Ultimate” style WWII Cap with the helmet and goggles replacing a cowl and the flap-front jacket replacing his chainmail tunic, Wachter make great use of a simple black/white/gray palette, and he has a great eye for details like buttons and buckles.

The Red Skull piece that initially caught my eye has the Skull in full Nazi formal attire, from the high collar to the Iron  Cross and the SS insignia and his cigarette holder clenched tightly in his rictus grin. I showed the print to a few people and the consensus was that the Skull was hideous, which is appropriate for a talking Nazi skull

I already have spots on the wall for both of these prints and I plan to save another spot hopefully for a commissioned piece from next years convention!

(Ed. Note: I’d really like to than Tom for sharing these. He brought them my table after he picked them up, and I was immediately impressed with the prints.

You can follow Tom on Twitter at more0_0than.

You can follow Dave Wachter on  Twitter at DaveWachter

You can find more of Dave’s work at

Thanks again to Tom for sharing, E-nerd)


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  1. Engineernerd says:

    Simply amazing! I ran out of time, I wanted to get a commission in my sketchbook.