Summer of GI Joe Contest Part 2

August 15, 2012 | By More

Okay, so GI Joe is taking the summer off. The Joes and Cobras are doing some of those mundane things that we all do during the summer.

To soothe your angst, Figure of the Day is sponsoring another TVFT caption contest! The prize? Well, Joes of course!

There’s nothing better than winning free figures. Maybe you couldn’t find these guys, maybe you wanted to see the film first. Here’s a great chance for you to win them.

As always, it’s as easy as captioning a photo. The one above as a matter of fact. Make sure to use a valid email address. (These address will NOT be sold or put you on a list. We promise.) There will be 3 photos in all for the contest. You can enter once for each photo, for a total of 3 entries.

Now the good part we are giving away two sets of Snake Eyes, Roadblock, and Storm Shadow thanks to

One set will be given away at random among all the entries. The winner of the other set will be picked by Mrs. Nerd. So, the more creative you are, the better your chances will be.

Some restrictions:

The contest is open to US residents only.

Staff of TVFT is not eligible.

All entries must be posted before midnight EST on August 27th to be counted.


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  1. “I’m sorry sir, but I don’t know sign language”

  2. Tom says:

    Lady Jay:How can he tell what Snakes is saying?
    Scarlett: Snakes Eyes always wears his movie mask when we go out, so people can read his lips…

  3. Juan says:

    Sorry sir but that is the super size burger and fries you ordered we don’t make them any bigger.

  4. Brent Brown says:

    “what size drink will fit per-molded gripping hands best? Give us three in that size.”

  5. Snake Eyes: “Hahahah”

    Scarlett: “hahaha, you are right Snake, Duke working fast food is a better career path for him.”

    Lady Jaye: “hahahaa”

  6. bill norris says:

    Darn it this is what he ordered, If your using hand signals instead of actually speaking, you get what you get…. next!

  7. “I’m sorry, sir, but the toys are for children only. We don’t have prizes for ninja commandos.”