Face Off Season 3 Ups The Bar Again

September 26, 2012 | By More

Each season of Face Off has upped the bar in terms of complexity and skill level of the contestants. The third season has done this again. (You can look back at my thoughts on previous seasons here and here.)

Normally, I can tell from the first episode about half the folks who aren’t going to make it through. In this case, I really can’t. There just really seems to be a lot of talent all the way around.

All of these folks also seem much better at conceptualizing their characters than in the past. Instead of just technique, these folks really get the whole package. The sea urchin pirate woman is great example of these. She could have been a Pirates of the Caribbean movie and would have fit perfectly.

Now as we’ve gotten a few episodes in, I think there are some folks that may be at the bottom of their bag of tricks. Rod, for example, has been called out by the judges for having all of his faces look similar. I think he has talent, but I don’t suspect him to make it to the end.

I really am rooting for two people. The first of which is Sarah. Mainly because she is from nearby Goshen, Indiana. (I got stitches in my hand in Goshen once.) Also, she has a much more down to earth, calm personality.

If I had to pick one person to win though, it would be Roy. He’s the complete package. He’s a great balance of character builder and make up skill. He also has a ton of fabrication skill which lets him really put everything together. The robot suit for the small alien is a great example. That build was was outside the box for what they attempted. Considering the time frame and what they pulled off, it was pretty darn slick. His multi layer Alice in Wonderland Zombie Queen (top) was probably one of my favorite make ups on the show ever.

I won’t miss an episode on Tuesday nights for the rest of the season that is for sure. The challenges seem tougher, but the talent is really raised to make the best of it.

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